CD Review for the “Script” by Oke Junior

So, I stumbled upon this artist in my Hip Hop music in Urban America class. Two weeks ago, in the beginning of class Oke was handing out CD’s to everyone that was walking into class or sitting in their seats. I decided to take one because I am always interested in hearing new underground music because that is one of the best ways to stay ahead of what is current in music, and secondly, I needed do an local music review for KSSU. I was very excited to listen Oke’s cd because I love hip hop music and another student in our class shouted him as good rapper, and Dj. So, I thought to myself this could be potentially a good find. On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I listen to Oke’s cd all the way through two weekends ago. Since my boyfriend and I are full time students and we both have jobs, we are extremely busy so we thought would be it better idea to listen to his cd while we were doing our homework. We listened to all of the 13 tracks on this cd, and one thing that initially stuck out to me was that all of the tracks were not clean or had profanity on each and every song that were not edited out. This was a bummer for me because I knew that KSSU cannot play his cd on the radio. Honestly, I do not mind it for my own personal taste, on the other hand up and coming artist that are trying to be successful in mainstream music needs to have some songs that are radio friendly. From what I took from his cd that he is trying to sound like mainstream hip hop or other rap artists that are pretty famous in commercialized hip hop.

I enjoyed listening to Oke’s cd because there some versatility on his cd, even though he had very mainstream sound. Some songs were pretty good for studying or driving in you car, or even for a house party playlist. I would describe his cd as a mixtape because some of his beats were borrowed from other artists and there some beats that I did not recognize, so I assumed that some beats were originals.   He choose great instrumentals to rap over, especially the beats that were from old 90’s R&B songs. I also liked his beat production choice that were originals because it seemed that he has a good ear for music and he is well versed in all types of music styles. I thought he had great flow and his lyrical content was decent. With that being said I wish his lyrical topics were more expansive and so repetitive. This is where I felt his music was going the direction being mainstream. My favorite tracks were track 3, 6, and 8. Track 3 was very mellow and easy to zone out to. However, track 6 is party song it made want to go out to a house party, the club or just dance in my room and track 8 was also a party song too. Overall Oke has talent and he is good rap artist. With more years of practice I believe he will be recognized in the mainstream hip hop world.

Well this raps up my music review for Oke, I will writing posting another music blog for Cierra Lynne next week. Thank you for reading my blog and remember to catch my radio show called Spectrum on from 8-9pm.

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