AfroDust music review for: Cierra Lyne


The title of this cd was Cierra Lyne, so I am assuming that is also her name. I was presented with this cd by a KSSU core staff to listen to it, and give an honest music review for KSSU’s blog. There were only four songs on her cd  and all of them were pretty terrible. I do feel like a hater for saying this, but this is my honest opinion. I was pretty thankful for that I only had to listen to four tracks, however if she had more songs for me to listen to, perhaps I would have slightly different opinion about her music. I did not like the fact that her music choice on her cd was very limited because there was not much for me to choose from as in what is my favorite song. The reason why I did not like her cd because her vocal game is pretty weak, her lyrics to her songs were repetitive and were hard to follow, and her beat production was awful. Let me further break down my reasons for not enjoying her cd, well what I meant by her vocal game was pretty weak is that I think she needs more vocal training as a singer. I felt that on most her songs she was yelling when she was trying to hit a high note, and she did not exhibit many vocal transitions into different voice pitches or her vocal range. If a singer is trying to be successful in the music business I think it it very important to showcase your vocal range as an artist because there plenty of competition out there for singers and she you have to have type of competitive edge to your gift.

To me it seems that she fairly new into being a vocalist or she is singing songs that are not in her vocal range. This is understandable for a new artist or artist that is transitioning into a new style to experience this. But nevertheless she needs plenty of vocal work and with extensive practice I think she could be pretty good singer in the long run. Another reason why I did not like her music was because her lyrics in her songs well dual and repetitive. I felt she could of coverage more content in in lyrics, or in other words her lyrics were too mainstream for me to enjoy. Not even half way through her songs, I was able to get the gist of what she was talking about, however as a listener it was quite annoying that had to listen to rest of lyrics all the way through. Much of her lyrical content pertain to going out with her girls, possibly finding a dude she could take back home with her. Now, I understand Cierra’s music’s aim was to be played in the setting of a club or party, so I hardly would think anyone would care about lyrics so much. However on the better side I did like the lyrics to track four  called “Sad Girl” because she was singing about an serious of on domestic violence. I guess she was singing about one her homegirls that was in a abusive relationship with a man. I thought that was pretty dope because that song broke the monotony repetitive lyrical content for me. However, sad girl song would have been better if she sang the song on a different beat. Now, this leads to into my last critique of this cd is that her beat production was lackluster and all over the place to say the least. I felt all of her choice in beat production could of executed better and should have showcased a wide range of music style to draw in a wide range of audience.

I commend Cierra for trying to incorporate all different types of music style into one song, however it was poorly executed because as a listener it was hard for me to follow what direction where she was going. The sounds she included on her songs were pop, dub step, and rock. I think Cierra tried to tie in too many mainstream sounds into songs and lost her way in that process. Overall, I think this cd was not good and Cierra as a vocalist needs much work. With being said, she should not give up on her path to being a singer and she should continue to work on harder to get better as an artist.

Well this raps up my music critique for Cierra Lyne and thank you for reading my blog. Remember to tune into my radio show, Spectrum every Wednesday on from 8-9pm.

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