My Halloween Day


I remember growing up, I used to claim that Halloween was my favorite holiday; especially because my birthday is in October. I also expected so much on Halloween because I get to dress up and go trick-a-treating with my family. It’s always so fun because we would run one house to another and scream loudly “trick-or-treat”. Whoever ran fastest gets to the door first and gets to ring the bell, and that was our favorite part. I love eating candy (who doesn’t right?), especially chocolate candy. After going out to get candies from rich neighborhoods, we would return home until late. Mostly after that, everyone would knock out, but Halloween would not be over. When everyone gets home, we would take out our candies and count them to see who got the most. If you got the most, you would win and get to punch the other family member who have the least. Usually the younger kids would fall asleep but the older one would watch horror movies. This is the most exciting part because the younger kids like me and my sisters would cuddle up in a blanket and sit next to our uncle to protect us during the scary parts in the horror movie. There would be times my uncle would make us jump by scaring us.

Haunted houses were also my family favorites. I was always scared when I was younger, so I would always need a partner. My auntie was always my partner but she would sometimes betray me and scare me too. Although haunted houses are my family favorites, it was not mines. I usually do not go to haunted houses when I was younger. But now that I am older, I really like haunted house because I am not as scared as much.

This Halloween coming up, I am not planning much because I am so busy with my school work and will have class on campus, which kind of sucks. I am still hoping for my professor to cancel class, but I am doubting that. My parents are planning to take my younger siblings out to trick-a-treat; I cannot wait for that because I usually steals their chocolate candies.

If I were not so busy with school and do not have class, I would dress up as sexy Tinkerbell. After that I would go trick-or-treating with my siblings around our neighborhood. I would also invite my friends if they have nothing to do. I will not forget horror movies too. I would rent some horror movies form Redbox and spend the night watching it with my family. My mother side of family are big fans of horror movies so I would invite them over and we would cuddle and watch the scary movie. Uunfortunately, I have class until late at night; so I am saving it for next year.

Finally, I just want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween day. Do not forget to bring flash lights and stay close with your children all the time. Hopefully, everyone would have happy Halloween day.

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