Sac State takes a point off UC Davis in a scoreless Causeway Classico


This past Saturday the Sac State and UC Davis men’s soccer teams faced off in the first iteration of the Causeway Classico, the soccer version of the classic football rivalry between the two teams called the Causeway Classic. This year the match was played under the lights of Bonney Field, the temporary home of Sacramento Republic FC, the city’s USL PRO team.

Coming into the match the two teams were on opposite ends of the Big West Conference, with Davis topping the table with 13 points and Sacramento near the basement with 6.

The statistics also favored Davis. The Aggies has a goals per game ratio of 1.0 and a goals against average of 0.58, due both to the excellence that is centerback Ramon Martin Del Campo some quality goalkeeping. In comparison the Hornets had a measely goals per game of around 0.8 and an atrocious goals against average of 1.98.

All those numbers seemed to predict that Davis was going to walk out of Bonney Field with three points and leave the Hornets on a four match losing streak, but that was not how the night went down. Instead, neither team found the net and it ended in a scoreless draw.

While the result may be better for the Hornets than Davis — taking a point off of the first placed team is something to be scoffed at — Sac State head coach Michael Linenberger was still disappointed with how his team played.  “I was disappointed with the consistency of our actual soccer playing tonight” he said after the match. “Possession, moving the ball, connecting passes, creativity going forward. I didn’t think we had a lot of that, certainly not consistently.”

Another disappointing aspect of last Saturday’s match was the lack of any really dangerous scoring opportunities for the Hornets, something that echoed last year’s horrific 11 goal season. During the off-season Coach Linenberger had tried to address the team’s scoring problems but with just 12 goals in 16 games not much has changed.

When asked after the match how well he believed he had addressed the team’s scoring issues from last season Linenberger said “Well obviously I don’t think we fixed it.” He continued, saying “We’ve been shut out way too many games this year. So we haven’t fixed it.”

For a more detailed recap of the Causeway Classico, including some audio from the post-match interview with Coach Linenberger, tune into Beeman’s Republic this Thursday at 7pm PT on

Josh Beeman writes about soccer a lot, both on the KSSU blog and at Reckless Challenge. He also talks about soccer a lot on his show Beeman’s Republic every Thursday from 7-8 pm PT on


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