Game Review: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess


I was very, very, very conflicted about buying this game or not. The very first Zelda I played was “Ocarina of Time” for the Gamecube, so it had been awhile since I had purchased another one of these mind-blowing, controller biting dungeon games. Since Ocarina of Time, I had purchased a Wii (back when there was a lot of hype). The Wii had been getting pretty dusty, and when I learned that there was a Zelda game that was compatible with the Wii, I decided to give it a shot.

I regret nothing.

In Twilight Princess, there arises a new foe who encased the world in “Twilight” which allows all these creatures to come forth and wreak havoc. Midna, the Twilight Princess, wants your help to regain her throne in the Twilight Realm. Link (You) changes into a wolf inside the Twilight. Throughout the game, you go through multiple dungeons and realms to find light spirits and other such things to free Hyrule of the Twilight. Oh yeah, Ganondorf comes back too.

Since I have only played Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, I will be contrasting those two.

In Twilight Princess, you have a range of attacks as opposed to just tapping “A” a lot of times. To learn these new attacks/abilities, you find howling stones in your wolf form, howl the correct song, and you are transported to a cloudy place where a skeleton warrior teaches you new abilities. Some of these are dodge-roll-attack, a powerful leaping swing, and a fatal finishing downward strike. This variety of attacks gives the user the freedom to choose how to strike down a foe instead of just holding “Shield” forever until the time is right to strike.

In ocarina of time you could only teleport to specific places, but in Twilight Princess, you can teleport to wherever there has been some sort of portal with enemies you have defeated- and there are a lot of portals. I do not recommend teleporting, but it is nice to be able to cover distance fast when you are irritated or eager to move ahead in the game.

One more thing about Twilight Princess is there is a lot of tasks you can perform for other people outside of the main quest. For example, if you participate in a circus game, you can win a larger bag for your arrows. Collect enough Reaper souls, you earn major rewards from a dead dude. Bring hot water to a Goron, he will smash open walls and new entry ways for you. There is a whole lot more that I cannot mention, so go see it for yourself.

In my opinion, Twilight Princess was  a huge step forward from Ocarina of Time. Enough blabbering from me, go purchase the game and enjoy moments of wonders, tears, and bliss.

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DJGingerbeard, signing out.

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