Album Review: “Hesitant Alien” By Gerard Way


Gerard Way is back and ready to kick some butt with his brand new solo album Hesitant Alien. This album steps away from Gerard’s previous work My Chemical Romance, but at the same time still brings in a little bit of the MCR style into Hesitant Alien. This album made it’s debut on September 30th of this year but it’s taken me until these past few weeks to finally listen to it.

I’ve been in denial about My Chemical Romance breakup; they were, and still are, my favorite band. When I heard that Gerard would be coming out with a brand new album I thought to my self “No, this can’t be. MCR is just playing a prank and this is just a way to get some attention.” As soon as I heard that Gerard signed to Warner Bros. Records, I realized what was actually happening and that My Chemical Romance was not getting back together. When his first single “Action Cat” made its debut, I hesitated to listen to it. I hadn’t gotten halfway though the song and i instantly disliked it. I knew it wasn’t going to sound like MCR, but I desperately wanted it to.

When I finally decided to listen to the album, I told myself I would listen to the whole album before I made my final critique about it; I have got to say, after listening to it the first few times, I absolutely love this album. The first song in the album ” The Bureau” starts off sounding like just a bunch of random instruments getting into tune and Gerard warming up his vocals which discouraged me right away into thinking that the whole album was going to sound this way but I was completely wrong. Action Cat, the song that I originally disliked, instantly put me in a better mood about this album. I’m not sure what it was before, but now I love the song.

Gerard Way has really outdone himself with this album. He now has a lot more freedom to explore what he really wants to do with his music, while with My Chemical Romance, he was stuck to staying to the emo-driven style of music that we have come to know of MCR. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was the closest Gerard got to expanding his own musical liking while still in MCR. Hesitant Alien has a very similar feel as Danger Days due to both being very poppy. The style of this album is very Britpop with a mix of alternative and a dash of punk. The energy from this album is incredible and much better than most of the stuff he did for MCR. Lyrically, Hesitant Alien is also similar to the albums Gerard did for MCR.

Although it is far from being a continuation of My Chemical Romance, Hesitant Alien is an amazing album that everyone should give a listen to. My Top three Favorite songs from this album would have to be Action Cat, Brother, and Juarez. If you are a big fan of Gerard Way and his wonderful voice, I definitely recommend this album.


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