Constantine TV Review

Constantine - Season Pilot

As of my writing of this there have been 3 episodes of the new TV show Constantine. Originally Airing October 24th 2014, a little before Halloween which I can’t help but feel was intentional with a show like this. You can catch it every Friday at 10pn on NBC. The TV show is based on a comic by the name of “Hellblazer” developed by DC comics under their brand Vertigo. Personally I’m fond of the 2005 movie Constantine which starred Keanu Reeves, although the movie went it’s own direction from the comic, and the show chose to stay closer to the original medium.

Constantine is based around our anti-hero John Constantine, a cynical exorcist/demonologist and sometimes dabbler int he dark arts whose true goal in saving people is to save his own ass. Throughout the show we explore the world of demons and angels, as Constantine goes about trying to save the world from major catastrophe’s on what seems like a daily basis. The show really reminds me of “Supernatural” which has been running for 10 seasons, I don’t believe Constantine is quite at the same caliber but it is close and definitely has a similar feel to it. Although our “Hero” is the embodiment of anti-social behavior he does have colleagues, his trusty Immortal cab driving friend/minion as well as a psychic by the name of “Zed” who just wants to learn more about her powers to which John is less than happy to show her in return for her services.

I never actually got into the comic books, but from what i’ve heard and the small amount of hellblazer reading that i’ve done the show seems to follow the comic far closer then the 2005 movie did. Which is nice to see, but I really don’t care about that, the original movie is what I fell in love with. It wasn’t the story that did it for me, or the characters so much, it was the contrast in the scenes that really got me. Constantine is a very striking movie visually, and although I can’t expect a tv show to come through with the same level of production value it certainly doesn’t disappoint. So far it has the same nitty and gritty feel as the movie did, as well as a certain grandiose air about some of the scenes. Quite frankly I love what they’re doing with this series, and i’ll be extremely disappointed if it gets cancelled.Constantine.S01E01.HDTV.x264-LOL.mp4_snapshot_09.18_[2014.11.09_18.29.29]

So if you like shows like Supernatural or Dominion I believe this may be the tv show for you; alternative if they aren’t your cup of tea then this may not be the show you’re looking for.

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