My Thanksgiving Day: The Sandeezy Way!


What’s up everyone! This is your DJ Sandeezy.

Thanksgiving day is the most emotional bitter sweet happy day for me (if that even make sense). Traditionally, I do not know how thanksgiving day is actually celebrated, but I am pretty sure that my family celebrates it like every other family.

On Thanksgiving day, my grandma’s family is required to contribute some side dishes such as mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and drink, etc. My family is in charge of making the main dishes such as the turkey, the rice, and ham, etc. This happens every year and sometimes it would be vice versa depending on the cooker’s schedule for the day. I’m not a big fan of cooking but as the oldest daughter of big family, I am forced to work with my mother to cook for the thanksgiving dinner. I really like cooking with my mom because she teaches me the similarities and differences in food such as seasoning, brands, and taste, to get delicious food.

A whole month before Thanksgiving day, both my grandmother’s and my family would gather for a family meeting. We pick a name out of a bag, and thank them for what they have done so far. It is like Secret Santa, where you would get someone’s else name and then become their Secret Santa, but on Thanksgiving day. As we get someone, we will have to thank them on the dinner, and if we want we can get them something. This is the part that becomes very emotional.

I come from a very traditional family, our family members never really get to say thank you to those who do for us. Therefore, when we spill our gratitude and our opinions of that person, it becomes very emotional yet happy because we were able to do it. There are tears among the girls, and the boys. I remember this one time, when it was my younger brother’s turn, he started crying so loud that he could not spill his thankfulness to my auntie who has done so much for him throughout the year. It was funny yet touching; we all laughed in reaction, but we also cried with him. This is also a time where my mother buys a lot of napkins because everyone would be tearing, sobbing, crying, and blowing our boogers out.

My big family loves each other very much but we always forget to say the most important things in life: thank you and I love you. As every Thanksgiving goes by, we grow from our positive attitudes and become a better family. This is why my Thanksgiving day are the most emotional bitter sweet happy day for me. My family cries together in thankful for those who are important in our lives, and laugh together in happiness with those who are important in our lives.

After expressing our gratitude, it would be eating time. This is when we take out the turkey from the oven, fresh and warm (not salty from the tears and boogers like the other food, Just kidding). The main dishes will arrive at the table, and everyone will start to devour the delicious food that we have been waiting for.

My Thanksgiving days are always full of tears and laughter of happiness. This year, Thanksgiving day will be the same. Hopefully this year, I can restrain my tears, and use less napkin during everyone’s talking. Moreover, I am looking forward to the food, like always. There is one thing that I hate after the dinner is washing the dishes. The ladies are always in charge of that and as the oldest, I am in charge of that. It is so tiring after cooking and doing everything, but I still have do it. Other than that, I enjoy everything else.

Finally, I hope everyone has fun on their Thanksgiving day and I challenge everyone whoever reads this to say thank you to three people in their life, it would totally make you feel like you have the whole world for those seconds. Moreover, be safe on Black Friday.

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