We are Sacramento State’s Student Run Radio Station, streaming live 24/7 on http://www.kssu.com!

Who am I in KSSU? I am the dude who plays metal, hardcore, post-hardcore, Djent, “screamo”, punk, loud rock, and other subgenres, both mainstream and local. I do this because the Heavy Music Community is dying out. There was a huge surge in the beginning of the 2000’s, but now there are so many bands trying to sound alike and so many people having a distaste in their mouth due to the “screamo” phase that metal is looked down upon. DJ’s would rather play Hip-hop, Indie, or Mainstream music fond on public radio stations. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but that isn’t for me.

I bring out the talent in heavy music while also giving some lesser known or unsigned bands exposure. At KSSU, we try to bring the best out of both the music and ourselves. In addition to my playlist, I speak for about 1-2 minutes on subjects pertaining to the music or to my everyday life in order to engage the audience, not just blast music into their ear-holes. At KSSU, we give you a more personal connection as opposed to public radio. Our diversity allows people to have favorite shows, experiment with new music, and even learn something new about the world around them.

KSSU is located in the University Union between the Student Store and the ASI office on the CSUS campus. We even have a window that people can walk by and watch the DJ’s do their thing. Just don’t watch us for too long, we are not animals. Don’t tap the glass either, we are not fish.

Again, KSSU is the place to listen to great music and hilarious commentary from the comfort of your computer, phone, or Ipod. Download the listen live app or just go to http://www.kssu.com to check us out! You will not be disappointed!

To make sure I have not been lying to you, listen to my show “Shred the Gnar” Thursday mornings at 9.

– DJGingerbeard

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