KSSU, Coffee, and Comedians enrich my College Life


The title pretty much says it all. The antics and freedom at KSSU, the “Eye-Opener” Coffee from “Ecogrounds”, and the Professors that get my tears jerkin’ and knees slappin’ are what make my experience here at Sacramento State enjoyable. Without these, I would be a sad sack questioning my life while drilling my pencil into my paper.

KSSU, Sac State Student Run Radio, is the one organization that I am part of here on campus. It is more than a radio station, it is a way to connect to this commuter school. KSSU has allowed me to express myself in a way that I cannot in class through music and character. Also, I have made numerous connections within KSSU that would otherwise had not been made. Not to mention the Super Smash Brawling, Crude (but acceptable) jokes, and random moments amongst the other DJ’s  add to the overall desire to continue being part of KSSU.

For those who are not CSUS students or have never been to Ecogrounds, there is a drink called the “Eye-Opener” which contains dark roast coffee and two shots of espresso for a cheap price. I guarantee that in my morning classes, this cup of bittersweet heaven helped me pass 50% of my tests. Fun fact: the CEO of Ecogrounds is a Sac State ex-alumni! This is why we have so many Ecogrounds on our campus. Who knew coffee could have such an impact on college students.

One thing I hate more than spiders on this Earth are boring classes. Being a second year student, a majority of my classes fall under my general education requirements. These classes such as Math, Archaeology, and International Affairs put me to sleep not because of the material, but because of the professors. They drone on and on and on! The classes that I pay attention the most in are the classes that have professors who are funny or unique. For example, my Deductive Logic professor has a minor in Marine Biology and wrote his dissertation on the relationship between humans and turtles. He found, statistically, that one in six people  would intentionally hit a turtle with their car if they saw one on the road. So, the Prof. asked everyone to raise their hands if they would hit a turtle. No one raised their hands. He then said, “Come on, i won’t get mad.” Then as soon as one student raised his hand, the prof. slammed his fists on his desk screaming, “YOU’RE A MURDERER!!! A TURTLE MURDERER!!!” Of course he was joking and we all busted up laughing before her proclaimed his love for turtles.

These are the things that make life as a college student here at Sacramento State enjoyable.

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Much love,


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