Eargasms & Glitter Showers: The Christmas Edition??

So, Christmas is coming up and of course, I am in the spirit!! Next Wednesday is the last episode of Eargasms & Glitter Showers (or at least I think it is) and I think I might make it a Christmas episode. Well, considering next Wednesday is my birthday, I think whatever I say goes. I have to go out with a bang. How about…a random show with Disney songs, hip hop, r&b, a Christmas song or two, a country song, a dubstep song, and then dubstep Christmas songs for the last half hour! Okay, maybe not, but on a serious note, I have an interview with Los Angeles rapper Fe’la Iniko over the phone next Wednesday! I’m excited. His manager came to me and asked me to interview him and I couldn’t refuse. It’s always great to introduce new music to my listeners. So, if I end up doing that random music selection with this interview it should make for an interesting show. Anyways, I’m excited for Christmas. My parents bought a big Christmas tree and we all decorated it as a family…actually that’s a lie. I decorated most of it, and I did a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…damn you hella fine!

Anyways, this year my family and I are doing it simple. We’re wrapping our presents, putting them under the tree, and we’re just going to be thankful for everything we have and be thankful for each other. For the last couple of years, we have been trying to bring the holiday spirit back into our home. We used to do Christmas really big back in the 90s when my parents could afford to get us presents and decorations and stuff before the recession, but recently, we have been able to get back into it, but it doesn’t stop there. After Christmas, we go right into Kwanzaa. Yes, Kwanzaa. We actually celebrate it in my family, and we turn up! Turn down for what? Certainly not for Kwanzaa!! Anyways, we have celebrated it since we were little. My dad thought it was important to celebrate this holiday because it is all about principles. There are seven days of this holiday and each day has a different principle that goes with it. Pay attention, kids. School is in session.

1) Umoja – Unity. Stick together. Put your family first and whatnot.

2) Kujichagalia – Self Determination. Never give up. Being a college student can be hard. DON’T GIVE IN TO THE SYSTEM!

3) Ujima – Collective Work & Responsibility. Work together. Teamwork is important.

4) Ujimaa – Cooperative Economics. Support each other’s businesses and stuff. See the connection so far? Lots of teamwork.

5) Nia – Purpose. Know your purpose in life and work towards it.

6) Kuumba – Creativity. Duh.

7)  Imani – Faith. Whatever or whoever your believe in, keep that faith and let it move you forward.

Those are the principles of Kwanzaa. It is not a religious holiday or anything like that. It is simply a holiday to instill principles inside of ourselves and our loved ones that we should live by, and also to connect with our ancestors. So, I’m super excited for that too. Anyway, tune in on Wednesday at 6pm to see what I’m gonna do on E&G. It’s my birthday, baby!! Anything can happen. 🙂 (as long as it’s within FCC Guidelines) Peace!


Brandi Marie. ❤

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