Album Review: “Worlds” – Porter Robinson


Porter Robinson is one of my favorite indie electronica producers to date. I was ecstatic when I first heard “Lionhearted” while shopping at Forever 21 because not only were they having a great sale, they were playing awesome music as well. As soon as I got home, I had to look up his new album since I’ve heard so much about it from my avid electronica loving friends. As expected, I was not disappointed with the content of his new album and immediately added a few of his songs to my playlist for my show! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this album. If I had to narrow down my favorite tracks it’ll have to be Lionhearted, Flicker, Sea of Voices, and Natural Light.

So let’s start with Lionhearted. Lionhearted is probably the most popular song off of this album. Of course there’s no surprise there due to how upbeat and uplifting this song is. Robinson does a great job with the arrangement of synths in this song. The way this song is produced gives it a Crystal Castles kind of vibe to it. The build up to the drop really kicks off the song and gives me the sensation of jamming out at a really awesome music festival. I also like that he decided to feature Urban Cone on this track as the vocals. The different synth arpeggios are very catchy and the chords are very rich to the ear. Repetition was the main asset to this song with the different synth riffs, but it worked well with the overall layout of the song.

I’ve heard many remixes of Flicker but the original still stays true to my heart. This track is a bit more chill than Lionhearted but it definitely still has its upbeat moments for the most part. I love how Robinson incorporates a Japanese sample making the song a bit more kawaii. This song also gives me a funk kind of vibe as well. The syncopated rhythms and synths makes it a bit more upbeat while still having a chill vibe to it. I also love how he stacks the synths in this song. This song is definitely great to chill out to whether it’s at a party or just in your own room.

The next song I listed, Sea of Voices, is one of the more calm tracks on this album. It’s definitely not as upbeat as the last two but it’s the most ambient track on the album. It’s a great song to add to your “study” playlist. There’s one section that Robinson stacks multiple layers of synths together and it sounds amazingly epic. What really makes this song is how cute and soft the vocals are. As a singer, I don’t have the strongest voice but this song shows how you don’t need strong vocals to capture the emotions of the listener.

Natural Light is again one of the calmer tracks on this album. The thing that stood out to me was the use of reverb on the synth chords. Repetition is again, a key factor in this song but I loved it. Robinson found a way to make the song engaging without getting bored of the repetition. I like the soft synth riff he used to make the song a bit lighter considering how heavy the song seemed with the drum kit used. It’s definitely a song to add to your “chill out” or “study” playlist. The only complaint I have with this song is that it’s too short! I really felt like Robinson could’ve done more with the song whether it be add more synths to stack or add a whole new section to the song. But other than that, it’s a great song to help your mindset.

These were a few things on the album that stood out to me. I highly encourage everyone to listen to it, especially if you’re into the electronica genre. I would love to see Porter Robinson live someday and look forward to what he has in store for us.

Thank you all for checking out this blog post!

DJ K.K. Slider

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