Sacramento State Battle of the Bands: Inside Look

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Last week at CSUS, Sac State’s campus entertainment group, Unique, put together their (not so annual) Battle of the Bands! And it was a great time! I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to watch every single band’s performance, due to the fact that I was part of one of the bands (Good Neighbor Kids). So I can’t necessarily give a rundown of every single band, but I can give a little insight of how everything was and how it went down.

Unique gathered a total of ten bands together to battle it out in what turned out to be one entertaining show. Each band brought something to the stage that was different.

The event was split into two stages. While one band was performing the other one was setting up, waiting to go on. This proved to be very efficient. I’ve been to some shows where it took waaaaay too long for the next band to set up and have it sound horrible. Here, it was well organized with great sound techs on the spot to help each band. Back stage, the bands kicked it and hung out, some going out to see the others perform. It was great to be apart of this musical community of local bands. It was very interesting to meet the different bands to see who they are when they’re not playing music.

Out of the bands that I did personally watch, a few favorites come to mind. To start off the whole show, took the stage. They started off the show with high energy and hard sound reminiscent of  early 2000’s rock (the like of The Deftones, Chevelle, Thrice, etc). It was great hearing that sound again, and it was done very well. Their high energy performance got me pumped up for my set. Facebook here: (Current facebook page is Overwatch, but they will be switching to soon, trust me). The Shafts, which was one of the only other three piece bands besides ourselves, lightened the show and got me moving. They got some of the crowd moving with their choppy guitar riffs, moving bass lines, and playful drumming. Also, their cover of Feliz Navidad was definitely priceless. Facebook here: Epsilona, a Sac State favorite, took the stage and killed it with their mellow vibes and awesome set. Check their facebook here: Stand Out State went on right before us, pumping me up and get us ready for our set. Their cover of “Sail” by awolnation was awesome, and so is the rest of their music. Check them out here: Those were all the bands and sets I really got  to see and hear, but from what I heard backstage, everyone sounded great!

IMG_1983When it came to our performance, we gave it all we got. We started with our only recorded track, Fences, which can be heard here: Went on to our more mellow reggae rock song, Crystal Bells (Fall Away), recorded version coming soon. And ended with our rendition of the classic song, “Allstar” by Smash Mouth, video maybe coming soon ;). I don’t want to really describe our performance for the risk of sounding vain, but it was one of the best times we had performing a set. If you liked our set, then definately like our Facebook page: goodneighborkids.

Even though we didn’t place top 3, it was an amazing experience overall. Congrats to winner Mr. Hooper and his live band ( , The Stand Out State, and Epsilona. For us it was never about winning, it was about being able to share the stage with and meeting other local artists, all of which were great. It was about being able to share our music and passion with the audience. And it was about having an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to Sac State Unique for putting on an amazing show, let’s make this an annual or biannual event!




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