Album Review: La Sera’s Hour of the Dawn


I was unfamiliar with La Sera and any of their previous work before listening to Hour of the Dawn, but after listening to this album I look forward to listening to their previous works and any music they release in the future as well.  The lead singer, Katy Goodman, has a beautiful soft and airy voice.  I can see her sitting with a guitar on the sidewalk with flowers in her hair singing protest songs in the 60s.

While listening to this album I pictured myself cruising down the coast in a convertible headed to the beach with this blasting on the stereo. Which was a refreshing and much welcomed image during these cold and stormy times. It made me think of summer and having fun in the sun. “All My Love is for You” and “Running Wild” would be perfect for playing on a road trip to the coast with your friends with lyrics such as “Oh, baby, running wild you’ve got your place to go…” and they’re both fun and easy-going tunes.  I can hear the influences of early rock from the 50s and 60s as well as a little bit of punk and pop.  Though it has these older more classic influences, it still manages to feel fresh and new.  A variety of artists came to mind as I was listening to the album, including Joan Jett, The Carpenters, and The Mamas and the Papas.  Clearly, being successful in channeling both classic rock, pop, and punk, mixing that harder punk sound with that lighter hippy vibe.

Hour of the Dawn is a solid album.  There were no weak songs and everything flows so well together.  I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys classic rock from the 50s, “hippy” music from the 60s, or a little bit of punk in their life.  It has a little something for everyone and brings them all together brilliantly.


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