On Hellblink’s New Album “Multitudes”


Hellblinki’s 7th album is an “eclectic romp, dancing on the edge of oblivion. Greasy, gritty, and dark.” The best description I came across was “psycho cabaret”, if you could even think about what that might mean. If you need a visual, watch the music video for “All for You”.

When trying to figure out who this band sounded like, I referred to the wonders of Spotify for help in my ignorance. The top result was Gogol Bordello…NO WAY. This band had too much of a cult-like vibe to it. Hold tight, let me explain. I know you should not judge an artist by their music videos…wait…no you definitely should (see: Jared Leto and his many scarves).If you haven’t watched, “All for You”, do it now! That being said, I felt like Hellblinki’s angle was cliquey. If I didn’t get a fairy tattoo and red hair dye, I probably wouldn’t enjoy/be welcomed at the show. The rhythms are strange, and not the good strange–but the “I think I am supposed to be dancing to this but my body doesn’t know how”. I do applaud them, however, on the dope female background vocals on “Danger”, the second track of the album. Throw a little Bollywood into anything and I am game. To my surprise, the album has only one cuss word. For so much eye make-up, I find that to be extremely surprising.

In the spirit of Christmas, the band has an album with “psycho cabaret” holiday songs–sure to be your grandma’s new favorite slaps. My personal favorites are “Nuttin’ on Christmas” and “Buy Me Stuff For Christmas”.

Happy Winter Break to all my P.C. homies,

Merry Christmas to all my friends who like presents,

And happy all the other ones to you know who your are,

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