New Years Eve 2014


So it’s that time of the year again, December 31’st Christmas has come and passed. Truck loads of gift wrapping paper are deteriorating on some garbage mound somewhere. People are starting to take down their Christmas decorations, and we’re all getting ready for various parties to mark the passing of a year. I’ve found myself celebrating in various different ways over the years, just a heads up there is usually a fireworks show in Old Sacramento, and I’ve visited another by sunrise mall; fireworks and the new year tend to go hand in hand.

If you’re planning on braving the crowds this year just be warned, the streets are full of tipsy people who yell and run into each other. The whole experience has always been a little too claustrophobic for my taste or maybe I just don’t like hearing incoherent gibberish being yelled right behind me. There is always the party route, but If you do decide to party with your friends in celebration of the coming new year it wouldn’t hurt to have a designated driver. Not that it can save you from the other drivers, but it is nice to start a new year without having to worry about a ticket.

Of course there’s something most of us have to deal with, staying up late enough to actually witness the new year is generally a pain. There have been a few years where I fell asleep before the new year hit. Energy drinks are one route, but I’m old fashioned and I feel nothing really beats a good cup of coffee.


This is what a hotdog looks like.

This year I may be doing the family celebration, we get together every few years to celebrate. We have one tradition that i’ve always found a little odd, but it’s something my Grandmother was always adamant about; we have yellow peas and sauerkraut at every New Years party. I’m not sure where it started, but she claimed it was a polish tradition and it’s been a part of our festivities since as long as I can remember. Supposedly eating yellow peas and sauerkraut during the new year was supposed to bring good luck for the rest of the year. Now I’m not really a fan of yellow peas, nor sauerkraut by itself; but I find myself making a hotdog around every new year throwing some sauerkraut and yellow peas on it if they’re at hand. Odd combination I know, but it’s the only way I can stomach the stuff.

I have one other tradition that I usually keep to myself, maybe 5 years ago I started writing the more memorable parts of the year down as I got ready for the next year. Writing my year out somehow gave me a sense of closure to that chapter of my life, and it helps me prepare for the next year. I also like to write my new years resolution on the bottom so I can reference the previous years resolution, and see how well I did. Doing this gives me a sense of a deadline for my resolution, and a feeling of responsibility in getting it done. At the end of the day I’m not sure whether i’m really accomplishing anything by doing it, but I enjoy it and I would suggest giving it a shot if you’re looking for something new to try.

I am DJ Good Deal, a dj for KSSU Sacramento State’s only student run radio station.


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