Lost Girl: Season 5


So Canada has really been stepping up their supernatural drama game lately, being a huge fan of the genre it’s nice to see. Supernatural was on season 5 when Lost Girl came out in 2010, a story of a woman trying to find herself in the city. As the show starts we follow Isabel, known to her friends as simply “Bo” who is introduced by saving a young girl from an unsavory person within the first few minutes of the show. Bo is our protagonist, who seems to miraculously have a mastery of medieval weapons which she uses to fight for righteousness throughout the series, yet it would be nice if they had some sort of back-story that supported her ability to best anyone she comes across with a sword.

Bo goes through the series ignoring rules, regulations and traditions. Simply putting her foot down and deciding what she’s going to do, which is something I can never really get my head around. This entire albeit fictitious society is based around these rules that everyone is terrified of breaking, yet whenever she does it the rules become no big deal. There are very few if any repercussions for her actions, no matter who she’s talking to Bo tells them what’s going to happen and more often then not their response is basically to say “ok”.

There are some minor issues I have with this series, but I do find it to be quite enjoyable. The show delves into the supernatural, Bo herself is a Succubus surrounded by other mythological creatures some I believe were made up for the show and others from old tales existing in sources found around the world. Within the realm of “Lost Girl” these creatures are considered the “Fae” beings who exist along side humans, but hidden from us. The show has a decent lineup; Bo played by Anna Silk, her boyfriend “Dyson” is played by Kris Holden-Reid(Underworld: Awakening), her Mentor “Trick” played by Richard Howland(Sanctuary), and her best friend “Kenzi” played by Ksenia Solo(Black Swan).

Season 5 Review, Spoilers Ahead

Well right off the bat we start with Bo’s journey for “the hell slippers” which she finds and uses to save Kenzi from Valhalla. Short Norse Mythology lesson, Valhalla is the place where warriors go when they die, they train every day awaiting the end of the world. Within the land of “Lost Girl” this was somehow transformed into a 5 star hotel with magical room service, and an attitude of upper management that don’t seem to be too picky about who they grab. Within her journey of trying to save her best friend from the treacherous 5 star hotel that is Valhalla; Bo ends up falling into the Greek Underworld where she finds out who her real father is.

Hades himself is Bo’s father, and apparently when he isn’t busy being ruler of the underworld he’s actually a pretty unsavory guy. After her escape from his realm, Kenzi parts ways with Bo for awhile so she can go find herself. In the mean time Bo’s girlfriend Lauren learns Kung Fu from Dyson, and Dyson learns that he has a son. Apparently years without being with his father has made him unreceptive to their reunion, so I’d imagine this tension will probably carry on for a few episodes until Dyson inevitably saves him from something and his son gets over it.

Dyson's Son

Dyson’s son is wearing a “Hail” T-shirt!


That covers the majority of what’s going on this season, personally i’m finding the current story arch to be a little more enjoyable then last season. On the other hand we have been building up to Bo’s father for awhile now so it is about time that we find out what’s going on there. So far all we really know about him is that he’s angry with Bo, leader of the underworld and likes to wear a lot of black. No matter what happens I’ll be eagerly tuning in for each installment of the saga that is “Lost Girl”


When i’m not reviewing things i’m a DJ at KSSU Sacramento States only student run radio station.


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