Home and Garden Show 2015 Cal Expo

Show Program

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house regardless of where that leads you, and this is what lead me to the Home and Garden show. Having neither my own house nor garden, you wouldn’t think there would be much for someone such as myself but it was interesting none the less.


The crowd wasn’t quite what you get at the gun and knife show or the fair, but it did have some of the food you might expect including jumbo Jalapeno corn-dogs. The food was actually one of the more interesting facets of this journey for me, there were a lot of vendors selling random gourmet food. Now the prices are a bit ridiculous but there were free samples so even though I don’t want to buy a 50 dollar bottle of balsamic vinegar at-least I got to try it. There were dry rubs, barbeque sauces, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and one of my favorite stands were selling a salsa mix. It’s basically a bunch of seasons that you blend with tomatoes to make a quick and easy salsa, and sometimes I find myself on a salsa binge so it’s nice to have a can of this stuff at hand.

2015-01-23 18.55.07

There were also a lot of things that were what you might expect at a home and garden show. Some demonstrators showed off pans while others were trying to corner the cleaning market. You could find a fountain or a new yard of grass if so inclined. There were also objects of leisure such as Jacuzzi and Kayaks, sadly unlike the food you didn’t get to have a test run on these, but I did see a man sitting in an empty Jacuzzi, trying to imagine what it would feel like I guess. Beyond that It was what you might expect, a bunch of people trying to sell anything your home might need from cable to air conditioning and heating.

All in all I’ve definitely spent my time in worse ways on a Friday, at the very least It was more enjoyable then my plan of binging Under the Dome on Amazon Prime. Speaking of the show it is getting kinda weird, similar to lost.

Ravvle Ravvle Ravvle, i’m DJ Good Deal, Spin the Fat Tunes on KSSU find more musings from me here.


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