My Last Semester: And so it begins

by Kevin J


After what seems like an eternity, I have finally arrived at the promised land: I am a graduating senior (please, hold your applause).

Yes, I am here people, and I must admit it feels pretty good, albeit a little scary. I am thankful to say I was able to get into all of my necessary classes without having to crash any, which is a feat in itself, and I’m feeling confident about them.

As a communications major, in my opinion, there are only so many things one can learn. I say this because at this stage in my educational career, I have gone over so many theories and concepts that for the most part, I can regurgitate them in my sleep. Now this does not mean I completely and utterly competent in every single theory in existence. However, after you you have reviewed the theory of agenda-setting, in-depth, more than a few times, it becomes easier to grasp.

I say all that to make the point that my confidence level going into my classes this semester are pretty solid. I’ll give you a quick rundown on what I will be taking this semester

1. Communications 183

This class is taught by an amazing professor, Carmen Stitt. I have never actually taken a class with Professor. Stitt, but she has served as my advisor for my major, and has yet to steer me wrong. In short, this class focuses on the role media plays in society. We use the plethora of communication theories in existence to explain why and how the media influences society in the manner it does. Fun stuff.

2. Communications 100C

This class is what I refer to as the ‘blah’ class, mainly because it has numbers and variables and I was told there would be NO MATH, in communications. Nevertheless, I have to take it, so yay for me. This class is basically a course that lays the ground work for the scientific study of communications (which I didn’t even know was a thing, but hey, go figure). If I’m being completely honest, the real reason I’m not looking forward to this class is due to the fact this will be second time taking it (yikes). I am confident that I will pass, though. The professor seems great, and I refuse to take a summer course, so my motivation is undoubtedly there.

3. Communications 120

This class is history of the media, or as I like to call it, every other communications class I have ever taken (joking!). The purpose of this class is in the title: To learn about the history of the media. I can expect learn about the printing press and how it revolutionized our, well, everything, and other inventions of that nature. I have taken classes similar to this in various forms over the years, so it’s like visiting an old friend.

4. Communications 169

This is the class I have been waiting to take, television criticism. This class is taught by Dr. Michelle Foss-Snowden, who has garnered quite the praise from most students who I have talked to. Again, the purpose of this class is self-explanatory, and I would be lying if I said I was not excited about what we will be discussing. I am not an avid TV watcher, but I love any excuse to increase that skill, and can not wait to see what I gain from this class.

So there you have it folks. My last batch of classes in a nutshell.

I am registered for an additional class that is mandatory for those who are taking internships for class credit, communications 195, but I think I shared enough with you all for one day.

While I know the months leading to graduation are long and winding, I am excited for what my last semester holds.

So until next time friends, stay safe and study hard.

-Kevin J is a DJ in training with KSSU Sacramento States only Student run radio station.


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