My Last Semester Class Schedule!


Last Monday, January 26, was the first day of the spring semester at Sac State. During my winter break, I was looking forward to returning to the dorms after 5 weeks off to start my final semester of college. But once I got settled back into my dorm room, it hit me that this is my last semester of my undergrad career.

Over break, I had friends and family ask me a bunch of questions that I tried to avoid because it gives me more anxiety than I really need right now. A few of the questions I got asked regularly were: what classes I am enrolled in, what I want to do with my life, if I am going to move back home after I graduate, which parent I’m going to stay with, if I had any plans for doing more schooling, and when is graduation. The only question that I was comfortable discussing was what classes I am enrolled in.

This semester I am taking four classes, five if you include the internship.

  1.  Intercultural Communications: The first class I start off with for the week is Intercultural Communications. In Intercultural Communication, students will become aware of how the role of their culture plays in shaping communication. I decided that I wanted to take this class because it sounded interesting. Also, I needed an extra class for financial aid reasons. However, there are two things I am not excited about in this class. One being that it is a hybrid class, meaning that on certain days, the class meets online. Secondly, the professor for the course makes the course sound difficult.


  1. Mass Media Theories and Effects: This class is the last major requirement course I needed for my major. Mass Media Theories and Effects surveys the major theories concerning the relationship between mass media and human communication behavior. It seems pretty interesting. The textbook offers a lot of modern day media stories such as violent video games and school shootings.


  1. Small Group Communication: I decided that I would sign up for this course to better my work ethic in small groups. I am one of those people, who rather do the project by themselves because people never follow through with their part. The objective for small group communication is to become a better communicator of small group as a participant and a leader. With this course, I am looking forward on working with my assigned group and learning to apply it in the workforce.


  1. Persuasive Speaking: This class is pretty obvious on what I will be doing. To the people who know me, your probably asking yourself why am I taking this class. Being shy, I even question myself why I enrolled in this course. I took two speech classes at Las Positas Community College, and I was excited to be over with the speech classes. But I came to the conclusion that I need to get comfortable with speaking in front of groups because down the road, I am going to have to give a work related presentation.


  1. Internship: The last course I am enrolled in is Communication Studies 195, which is an internship course. At the moment, I am interning at 101.9 The Wolf, which is a country station out here in Sacramento. I have done two internships in the past and decided that I would take another one unit internship course to get 3 of the 9 elective credits to graduate. Plus, I needed more experience to see whether or not radio was something I wanted to do.


These are the classes I am enrolled in during my final semester. My goal for the semester is to be on top of my class work and focus on passing my classes to graduate. As long as I think positive, I will do well this semester and be able to graduate on May 22 at Sleep Train.

AshleeLytle is a dj with KSSU Sacramento State’s only student run radio station.


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