Favorite Class

PandaNow we all have those classes that we just absolutely love and then we have those that we can not wait to finish. Well this semester I happened to be lucky and chose the right class that was actually one of my favorites so far.(Keep in mind its only week 2) The class is COMS 116 which is Intercultural Communications with Prof. Zuckerman who is a pretty good teacher and has a lot of experience with other cultures due to his passion for traveling. The class makes you realize that we as Americans live in such a bubble and we think most countries are like ours, but when we really look at other countries we are the ones who are weird.

His recent travels to China gave him a real eye opener when it came to the food that they eat on a regular basis and how we eat food on a regular basis. He experienced that the Chinese use almost everything of an animal and doesn’t let it go to waste at all. Some examples can be chicken feet, gizzards, stomach, etc. While most of us here would throw that stuff away and not look twice at it. Another example that is hard to believe, but i wont doubt him is what they called i think “Tiger eating Dragon” which is snake and cat. Obviously for us we cant think twice about eating cat since we consider them pets, but that just shows that food doesn’t come easy over there and how privileged we are here. Like i said it is an interesting class so far.

This is an elective option and I figured it would be a great class to take since the world is becoming so multi-cultural, and why not learn about other cultures and their customs. It could be life changing in some ways but mostly it is more of an eye opener which is what I always seek in classes. I would recommend this class as an Elective for any major.

mgomez is a DJ for KSSU, listen to him spin out the sweet Jams and stuff.


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