The Gem of Sac State


When I was younger, I thought my favorite subject was math and science. It was not until high school that I discovered my passion for the humanities: Literature, History, and Geography. I became obsessed with being lost in the pages of a book and found the historical mistakes to be humorous. Alas I was on my own in my admiration of the humanities, and soon found out I enjoyed the subjects others deemed as nap time. If only my peers could see how interesting changing climates of the world is based on its angle towards the sun and topography, or how fun analyzing poetry can be, because you never quite know if you have interpreted the symbolism correctly or are just making crackpot theories. I have not given up though. As a teacher, I will get more young minds interested in these wonderful fields because that is what a good teacher does.

Everyone has a favorite teacher from grade school, but a favorite professor can be hard to find with the short amount of time you are given to get to know them in college. Luckily there are ones like Dr. Datel who do not need more than a few class meetings to convince you that she is your favorite teacher. My experience with Dr. Datel at Sacramento State has been amazing! Not only does she teach my favorite subject, Geography, but she goes out of her way to make sure you are able to do your best. For example, a freshman, who shall remain nameless, was able to enroll in an upper division class and was unaware until the semester was almost over. Realizing the student had no prior experience with a geography paper; Dr. Datel offered to read the student’s draft before the due date to help the student mold it into the geography writing style. When asked to do a letter of recommendation, she jumped at the idea, herself feeling honored, when really it should be the student.

Sierra is a DJ for KSSU, listen to her.

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