Ok, Cupid…

BrandiSo, yesterday was Valentine’s Day (AKA Single Awareness Day) and the end of the world must be coming soon because the strangest thing happened…I actually had a date. Okay, Apocalypse. I’m ready to die.

But seriously, I had a first date with a guy that I met online (OKCupid) and I was really nervous about the whole thing. I don’t really do online dating. And even if I actually do online dating, I never plan on meeting the person. So, I’m basically entering new territory. A few days before the date, I talked to a couple of friends about how nervous I was and how I had the entire date planned out in my mind and I asked if I was over reacting. They all answered with a resounding “Yes.” So, I guess I didn’t have anything to worry about. Right? We went to Wing stop (because it’s close to my house and if he turned out to be a psycho, I could just devise some sort of quick escape plan and run home) and we had lunch. However, we weren’t alone. My friends were sitting at a separate table on the other side of the restaurant watching our every move. Yeah, I was super paranoid that this guy was going to kidnap me on sight, so I brought back up. I think I watch too much television. My guy friends even suggested that I should have worn metal armor on the date as a way to look hot as well as defend myself. I most certainly considered it.

The date started at 2:00PM and he arrived on time; that’s a good sign. I showed up twelve minutes later just to keep him on his toes. I guess making him wait a minute seemed to have worked because the second I stepped in the door, he seemed that much more excited to see me; tt was pretty cute. Then we ordered our food. Now, I know that the man is usually supposed to pay for the meal, but I brought a 20 dollar bill just in case he was a scrub, but, no he paid for the meal with no hesitation. There goes another good sign, we sit down at the table and we begin to talk and get to know each other better. He can hold a conversation better than any other guy that I have ever been with. He was inquisitive, so he asked a lot of questions about me, and what I’m doing with my life. It may not seem like a big deal, but for me it was great to finally talk to a guy that wasn’t going to pester me for sex within the first 20 minutes of the conversation. It’s a shame that I should be grateful for a guy simply holding a normal conversation with me because I’m not used to it. Come on dudes, get it together (Not all guys, Love you!) Then we went on to discuss music because he’s a KSSU listener and enjoys my show (Eargasms & Gitter Showers, Tuesdays at 4pm) and I let him go through my iPod and attempt to pick out the playlist for my next show. He seemed to enjoy my taste in music, so there goes another good sign. Anyway, after the date, he (awkwardly) hugged me (it’s only the first meeting…baby steps, Brandi. baby steps) and then asked me for a second date & I agreed. We haven’t worked out where it will be or when yet, but it is definitely happening.

So, now I am here and I am nervous for a whole new reason:

I, Brandi Marie, have now entered into the Dating Zone with a guy after five years of being the queen of No Man’s Land.


Thanks for reading. Peace & glittergasms to all. ❤

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