Denny’s Midnight Concoction

French Fries

So tonight instead of taking the time to study, and sleep to be well rested for another day of academic studies I found myself in a much darker place. By that I mean it was dark outside, but there were lights inside. An old friend of mine was back in town some rad friends and I met up with him at the pool hall to rejoice in his temporarily triumphant return. Now although we hung out for a fair amount of time this wasn’t enough to satiate our hunger for companionship, and also food.

So although my old friend with his new fiance at his side had abandoned us to take care of his new born son(who can blame him) we decided to journey in a manner fitting a lord of the rings movie. Except in this particular scenario there was no volcano of doom, or ring of power, or even hobbits. What we did have was a destination, and that destination was one of the few sit down restaurant that will take people in at midnight, Denny’s. This journey was like none other, we traveled in carriages made of plastic and steel with the power of over a hundred horses; some people call these devices cars. It was in these cars that we braved the perils of traffic lights and an almost 10 minute journey from the pool hall.

After finally reaching our destination we were greeted warmly by the staff and given a new challenge, to navigate the plethora of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods that their menu’s contain. Having eaten here before I was well aware of how delicious some of these temptations could be, but sometimes you just want to have it all. It was this remarkable night that may mark the history books forever more, as it was tonight that I created possibly the best culinary invention since man created fire; nay, the best invention since the wheel was crafted! For without the wheel this journey would have taken much longer, but on a personal note Lord of the Rings would have been much quicker if they had a car, just sayin’.

Back on topic there is no name for my creation. I took the Zesty nacho platter switched the chips for french fries, and then added macaroni and cheese on top(the white cheese.) Now I know at this moment you may be thinking, all that build up for some crazy abomination of nacho cheese fries? Yep. They’re amazing and will change you’re whole life.

Brief side note; these may exist elsewhere I really have no idea what every diner in the entire world is doing, but this is a winning combo. If you’re reading this and you too have developed this or something similar to it then I highly recommend giving yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. For everyone else, this is quite possibly a life altering experience, or at-least like a really good meal.

When i’m not designing food that can alter the course of human history; I DJ at a radio station, KSSU. I also do other stuff, read about some of it here.


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