Strengthening my perception this last semester

downloadSo far I really like my classes and the professors as well. I truly feel that I am learning things that are going to help me understand life better and is going to improve not only my critical thinking skills but my communication skills as well. My classes this semester seem to overlap one another on concepts such as race, thinking, building relationships with one another, communicating honestly and effectively, and generally furthering my knowledge about life outside of this campus. Not to mention there are much more personal aspects about these classes that I feel are speaking to me from being in each of these different classrooms.

For example, in my SWRK 102 class we have what the teacher likes to call “truth discussions/conversations”, meaning that it is an open and free discussion where everyone in the class is encouraged to be open and honest about their past experiences, especially as it relates to matters of race. He believes that all of what we went through is what has molded us into the kind of people we are today and thus whatever thoughts or insight we may have about a particular topic/issue we are to speak up about it. This is the same in my EDUC 156 class and I really do enjoy that class as well. Both teachers in that class have helped me speak on things that I have thought about for sometime now, but in a way that isn’t like everyone else. It wasn’t until my EDUC 156 class that I realized I’m a humanist. I am well aware of racism and other social injustices happening to certain ethnic groups and I think there is overlap because I find that we all have pain in common. Though different, we all have a story and I believe that although different racial groups experience different things, at the end of the day we all seek respect and the right to be ourselves. I personally think that differences make us unique and shouldn’t be used as a means to isolate ourselves and cause us to think that, “no one understands me”. I think as a future counselor, I hope I am able to bridge the gap and help people to understand that on a human level, we are all one in the same. We think, we feel, we live life day by day and I firmly believe in the saying “once the power of love overcomes the love of power, will the world know peace”.

This is just a prime example of how these classes have me more comfortable in sharing my views on life and I hope that I am to express more of myself on my future radio show. My other two classes, EDUC 10 and Phil 125 are helping me develop a more critical approach to things and are definitely training my mind how to think, how to get at the real heart of an argument and to full understand the truth behind facts, figures, theories, arguments, etc.

This semester is definitely going to be an enjoyable one and I can’t wait to see the growth and change occur within me as I open more, express myself and train my mind to be stronger and more flexible/agile.

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