Album Review: Natalie Prass

B7ynCYlCcAEdjfjNatalie Prass is Natalie Prass’ self-titled debut album.  It’s mellow and melodic tunes are great for a listen on a quiet and relaxing afternoon when you just want to unwind.  I really enjoyed the use of many different instruments in this album.  I heard many brass instruments, which is always refreshing.  It gave me nostalgia for big bands from the 30s and 40s.  There were definitely a few songs on the album that stood out to me.

The first song that really caught my attention was “Bird of Prey”, which just had an awesome opening.  It was definitely the most catchy and upbeat sounding tune and got me nodding my head and tapping my foot along with it.  This song also utilized those brass instruments really well.  It’s nice throwing those into the mix.  Typically on this type of album I feel like there’s a lot of guitar and some piano and very little of much else.  There’s an instrumental section of this song that makes me feel like I’m in a “Rocky” movie with something like “Eye of the Tiger” playing as I train hard in a musical montage. Which, of course, is always a welcomed fantasy of awesomeness.

A second song that stood out in my mind was “Reprise” because of the spoken vocals in it.  Makes it unique and interesting and departure from the same old, same old.  In a way I felt like it let the instruments stand out more, so I appreciated what was happening in the background more.

Another song that made me quite happy was “It Was You” because it could totally be in a musical.  Musicals are one of my very favorite things in life, so when I heard this song I was just picturing what the scene would look like and what the movie would be about, and  it was a great song for inspiring my imagination.  So, give this whole album a listen and you’re sure to be mellowed out and taken away to imagination land.

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