An Easy Class Is Not Always the Best Class


Here I am, drinking a homemade mocha, thinking about which class I should write for as my “Favorite Class” this semester. I have some pretty laid-back classes due to either a fantastic professor or easy material. However, there is one class that is quite strict and has a lot of work. A class that students take just for a GE requirement. A class that people either laugh or dread at (unless you major in it of course). This class is THEA 9: Appreciation of Acting.

I took Drama/Theatre all throughout high school. I enjoyed it, but never pursued it into college. In this class, we cover the basics of acting while also studying up on well-known productions, techniques, and actors. From the first day we were required to stand in front of everyone and “state our business” (name, major, favorite food, etc.). From then on we signed a contract that says if we are caught using our electronic devices in class, we will receive an automatic “F” for the whole course. At first I died a little bit in my heart, but then quickly realized that Brazo, our Professor, is doing this so we actually stay focused and participate in class. This is good because some of the material we zoom quickly through and we also get participation points in class. Another “strict” policy Brazo enforces is that if we are over ten minutes late, we are marked absent. After 3 absences, we are dropped from the course. The lesson is pretty obvious do not be late.

After getting homework every class, mandatory performances, and presentation projects this early in the semester, I realized that this is probably my favorite class. Maybe my brain turned backwards, but I think all this work and focus in the classroom is actually helping us students become living breathing people who can us critical thinking as opposed to sitting in others classrooms like zombies and regurgitating material we have memorized onto a test that we will not remember three weeks later. THEA 9 is turning out to be a challenging course, but in an entertaining sort of way. Like Brazo says every class, “I do not just give out A’s. You have to work for them.”

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