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oscars-2014-best-animated-feature-1000x500So the Oscars are coming tomorrow (I woulda wrote this blog earlier but this cold is kicking my a**) and as always, I have to throw out my predictions. Last year, I wrote this one, but I was a little wrong.. Ok I was a lot wrong. I have no idea how the academy thinks/works, but I do have my own opinions and everyone is entitled to that. So here are my Oscar predictions opinions.


Best Picture Boyhood

There were a bunch of great contenders this year for the oscars, but I would have to say, this one takes the cake. The feat this film was able to pull off was amazing. For those that don’t know, this movie was created over twelve years. Each summer the cast and crew would get together and film for a few weeks. Throughout the movie you witness everyone grow up right before your eyes. This gives the film an organic feel. It may also give some viewers a nostalgic trip traveling back through the early 2000s. This movie doesn’t rely on over dramatic occurrences either, everything feels real and authentic. Don’t think that the twelve year stint is all that’s amazing about the film. With beautiful cinematography, great directing and writing, and an awesome cast, this movie deserves the award.


Best Actress Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl

This film was good and why it didn’t get nominated for more, I don’t know. But I believe that Pike deserves it. She really sold herself as (spoiler, don’t read on if you haven’t watched the movie yet) the crazy chick that you should not mess with at all. Once you find out that Affleck’s character wasn’t the killer, Pike’s character really starts to creep you out. It was a well written character that Pike surely delivered upon. She had an on screen presence that would make you question your wifes every action…


Best Actor Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

I had a hard time trying to figure out which of these great actors deserved it… Until I watched The Theory of Everything! Redmayne did an amazing job at playing the genius Stephen Hawking. He even spent time with actual ALS patients and Hawking to understand and see how they feel and act. Hawking himself loved watching the film and even felt as if he were watching himself. If that isn’t a stamp of a good job, then I don’t know what would be. Oscars usually go to the actor or actress who sacrifices a lot and dives deep into their role. I believe that’s what Redmayne achieved in this film.


Best Supporting Actor J.K. Simmons, Whiplash

Now if Simmons doesn’t win this oscar, i’m going to throw a chair at the television. Seriously, this guy killed it. I haven’t seen a supporting actor carry the whole movie. He had such a strong on screen presence that every time he appeared I became a little nervous. I haven’t experience a performance that powerful in awhile. He played a character that you hated but somehow liked at the same time. Simmons did a great acting job and deserves to win.

Best Supporting Actress Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Although I haven’t seen much of the other movies for this category, I believe Arquette filled the role of the mother in Boyhood perfectly. Playing the imperfect yet loving mother, Arquette shows she knows sacrifice.


Best Original Screenplay Birdman

This unique movie has to take this one. The storyline was great, but the screenplay was even greater. Making the whole movie see like one continuous shot (some scene actually being one-take shots) is an incredibly hard feat to accomplish. But the writers did it, putting their screenplay into beautiful fruition. The whole movie was well delivered, never missing a beat.


Best Visual Effects Interstellar

Although I thought this film was snubbed, I think it deserves to win at least this. The visuals for this space travel movie were simply amazing and had my jaw dropped the entire time. Maybe because I watched in imax, but still. Black holes and other galaxies never looked so beautiful.

Again, these are all my own opinions, not necessarily predictions. I have no clue who the academy will actually choose for each category, but you know who i’ll be rooting for. Agree? Disagree? Comment and let’s see what happens tomorrow at the Oscars!


I didn’t get into every category because these are the ones I feel most strongly about. But here are my predictions for the other categories:

Best adapted American Sniper
Why? Because ‘Murica

Best Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarriitu
Why? Because them scenes thooough.

Best Animated How to train your dragon 2
Why? Because (spoiler) the dad gets killed by toothless?? What??

Best Original Music Score Interstellar, Hans Zimmer
Why? Because Hans Zimmer.

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