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KSSU. What is it? Why is it awesome? Why am I even here? All valid questions, dear reader, all valid questions indeed. I wanted to take this moment to address some of these questions and to explain my personal reasons for joining KSSU, as well as some reasons as to why I think it is such a great resource.

Let’s start with why I wanted to be a part of the station. I have always loved radio, and even at a young age was fascinated by the idea that one person could talk to multiple people via these invisible things called radio waves. I think there is something so neat about that. In addition, KSSU provides campus clubs and gatherings with DJ services, and is a part of the Associated Students Incorporated, which is all about student involvement and helping improve the campus of Sacramento State. Because I wanted to get more involved with the campus as well as wanting to learn more about mass communication and broadcasting, KSSU seemed like a natural fit.

Now that I am here, I have a better understanding of the way that KSSU operates and am better qualified to speak of its greatness! Ok, perhaps not yet, but I am already aware of some of the advantages and learning/campus involvement opportunities that KSSU can provide for students. The obvious one is broadcasting experience. The ability to plan, host and produce your own weekly radio show is something that not only allows students to hone their broadcasting skills, but also allows them to develop a voice, project management skills and time management skills. All this from a radio station? Yep. In addition, DJ’s can get involved with things like the blog, helping to develop their writing skills as well as learning how to write specifically for the web. The blog also allows DJ’s to learn the basic functionality of WordPress, which is a very common blogging application used by some of the world’s largest businesses.

On a more personal note, however, KSSU has, in my short time here, provided me with an opportunity to share my personality. What do I mean by that, exactly? For me, music is something that embodies ones emotions, thoughts and feelings, and for me to be able to share all of that in words would be insane! But to be able to share the music that I enjoy and listen to with a broader audience, I am able to share all of those emotions and really express myself in a way that would be difficult to do in any other form or medium.

So, I guess what I am saying is that KSSU is an experience. It involves a lot of hard work, planning out your show, building playlists, finding topics to talk about, and keeping up with things like the blog. In the end, the KSSU DJ’s are given free rein to share their thoughts, emotions and experiences with the world in a way that would be, in almost any other form, nearly impossible.

David is a dj with KSSU, he plays music and stuff.

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