Pathetic Losers Album Review


From a stack of about 10 CDs in need of reviewing, I found the Album “Lost Generation,” by Pathetic Losers. “Why did I chose this particular CD over the others”, you might ask. Well, having known nothing about any of the other bands, I had to judge each band by their CD cover. The stick figure men on the cover of “Lost Generation,” seemed to be calling my name, which is what brings me here.

I slid the album into my car sterio after a long day at school and let it rip. The first song, “Wasted Generation,” was a definite hit. It was up-beat, catchy, and engaging track. Due to the song’s dynamics, I automatically associated the band with The Ramones. They both share a strong punk rock identity and have a very similar sound. However, the further I traveled through the album, I found myself comparing Pathetic Losers to several other artists of a more folky genre such as The Dave Mathews Band and even Bob Dylan. Every other song was inconsistent with the one prior. One was extremely high energy while the track following it would have a significantly slower, drawn out tempo. In my experience listening to albums, artists tend to choose the tracks for their album in terms of which songs compliment each other most efficiently. With the Pathetic Losers album I was constantly switching gears and catering my ears to pick up the different fluidity of each song. Lyrics became choppier and ridiculously repetitive as I continued to listen (to the point of screaming profane diction at the sterio).

I was not sold on the Pathetic Losers, however, after a second listen, they proved to be a worthy band after all. I found myself humming along, tapping my toes, and even doing a few head nods here and there.

Overall, the album was a very interesting which made for a slightly less than terrible experience. I would easily recommend several tracks on the CD to anyone who enjoys alt/indie music. If you’re interested in listening to fast beat, high intensity songs, I would refer you to Songs Wasted Generation, Who’s Sorry Now, Go Throw Up, and Fallout Shelter.

A few more laid back, almost acoustical tracks that are recommended are Dance All Alone, Incredibly High, Where Were You, and I Ain’t Wasting No More Time.

Be like me and give Pathetic Losers a shot. They’re not awful.

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