My Time at KSSU


It’s been the greatest experience of my life. It’s like my wildest dreams have come true. I cannot confirm nor deny that this is the happiest I have been in my life. That’s the emotions I get when I am on the air for I feel like it has become a part of who I am and it has helped add to my personality and added confidence in being an outgoing person.

This is my second semester at Sacramento State University but my first at KSSU and I’ve felt like I’ve been able to fit in very well here. The people that work with KSSU are some of the nicest people I have met.

For me I look at KSSU as a job. I personally want to go into radio after college and it’s such an awesome thing to be able to have these resources on campus and be able to get practice at the art I want to master one day. To be able to have a live microphone and be able to speak my mind for an hour is such a great thing to me.

I have only been a part of KSSU for a month now and I can say that it has been the most enjoyable time I’ve had at this University since I started attending Sac State. Being able to be with these people I have met the past month and getting to know them the way I have so far has been great. If it weren’t for KSSU, I would have never met so many great people.

KSSU is something I recommend all students try to apply for. To be able to have an hour to yourself where you pretty much control what happens whether you talk about the news, sports, or playing music, it’s the DJs choice. That’s what’s best about having my own show. I have control over what happens.

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