Why That Dress is Stupid and It Shouldn’t Matter.

This dress is stupid and it shouldn’t matter. That’s it, end of blog, you can stop reading now… Just kidding.


But in all seriousness. This is what breaks the internet? A dress that is clearly black and blue. Well for some reason a lot of people also see white and gold (ya’ll are crazy(Blog editor note: it’s totally white and gold)) and that is driving everyone nuts. Of course this little divide within groups would blow up to an astronomical scale, but really. This is what is news. In the heat of all this dress madness, it shows what is good and bad about this generation.


What’s good is that it shows this is a generation of communication. If someone want to get their point across online, then it can be made. Maybe it might hit just the right amount of people at just the right time for something to go completely viral. It’s great. Like when Egypt started a revolution through social media, or whenever uproxx uploads something uplifting. Somehow things will spread like wildfire, even to the point of starting a revolution. To encourage deep thinking or change minds. Then there’s the bad thing about this generation.


What’s bad about this generation is that anything can become viral. The wrong things that can overshadow a revolution. For example, the whole ice bucket phenomenon overshadowing the new terrorist organization ISIS. Ask a teenager what ISIS is, and they might ask if it’s a new internet dating app. It’s horrible how a Little Einstein’s remix and dance can just blow up out of nowhere, when we have a possibility of losing net neutrality. Also, yesterday, a day that will be known for a dress being different colors, overshadowed what happened two years ago. The untimely death of Trayvon Martin. It was his death anniversary yesterday and I only saw a few commemorative posts in a sea of dress distresses. Of course, everyone had their own opinion of that situation, but still. I’m saying we have the powers to start and create something big, but we use it to over-share a dress that is obviously blue and black..

I get it though, the world shouldn’t always be too serious. That would be bad. It can’t always be full of doom and gloom. Sometimes the world just needs something such as a color changing dress to talk about instead of all the horrible things going on in the world. That’s why it’s ok for this dress to appear on the news or Ellen’s twitter account. The world needs to chill out for a little bit. Knowing the world though, this whole dress thing will die out in a couple of days, just in time for the next stupid thing to sweep the net. That’s another bad thing about the internet. After this whole thing dies down, we still have to deal with the crappy things of the world and life..

But of course another good thing about the internet is all the sweet memes about an event! Even this whole dress fiasco has a slew of memes that came out last night! Funny stuff, internet!


Jerel DJ, Listen KSSU

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