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With the Oscars last week, I have begun thinking about the films and shows that I have enjoyed through the years. I have always loved stories and I think that film can tell stories in a way that other mediums simply cannot. Watching a film can evoke emotions and feelings that we are often unwilling to express in daily life. We laugh, cry, get mad, and feel things for pixels on a screen. That is the power that can be conveyed through film.

So I thought I would discuss some of the films that hav e made an impact on me over the course of my life. As a Communications / digital media major, I have seen many films, both modern and classic. I have been introduced to the elements that makeup good films, and what specific colors, movements and framing convey to an audience. I want to make very clear that this list is NOT based on all that! I simply want to create a list of films that have, for me, made an impact on me for whatever reason.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s begin. The first film may not be any brilliant piece of film history, but earns a spot on this list because of the lasting effect it has had on me. The film is National Treasure, and I was at an age when I first watched it that I was able to appreciate the film, as well as still being young enough to believe the story and characters, as well as being engrossed in the film from start to finish. Another film that I should mention is the Last Samurai. Regardless your opinion of this film, I was, again, at an age while watching this for the first time that allowed me to both appreciate the art of the film, but also not think too deeply about the story.

Those are older films from when I was growing up – I have of course seen films more recently that have expanded by knowledge and appreciation of film. Although an older film as well, Pan’s Labyrinth is a film that I saw only about a year ago for a college class. I was unsure going into the film what to expect, however I was pleasantly surprised. I appreciate how the film portrays a lot of classic themes in fairytales in a new and creative way. I also remember what I felt throughout the film, which is impressive considering I was sitting in uncomfortable chairs in a classroom at the time.

Finally, I would like to say that film is a subjective medium. As such, these films have made an impact on me (among, of course, many others,) because of the circumstances that I was in at the time. You may not like all or any of these films, but I would like to encourage you to think about your life and pick three or four films that have made an impact on you. The reason doesn’t really matter, just that you got something out of the film.

So that is what I wanted to say. Just that film has the power to make people feel something. I think that is something very unique and special about that medium.

When David isn’t writing about movies he’s a dj at KSSU

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