Is Gay Marriage Even Groundbreaking?


“Is Gay Marriage a good thing, or is it just putting pressure on the LGBTQ community to just get married and get that white picket fence?”

That was the question of the day in my Lesbian and Gay politics class.

First off, I want to say that I don’t think most people understand that the political arena is not a place to fight for your personal desires. In the liberal sense, most activists types are supportive of anti-religion sentiments in the government. When it comes to gay marriage, you have the most liberal insisting that marriage in and of itself is a white-appropriated, patriarchal institution. However, those holding both of these views at the same time are swimming in the ocean of hypocrisy. You cannot limit the rights of others to pursue your own. That is, you can’t take away marriage to protect the oppressed, nor can you impose religious ideals to protect the “spiritual”.

Government needs to stay broad.

It needs to be the most inclusive.

It can’t be self-righteous.

It most certainly can’t be hateful.

I like to think of my political life as a shopping cart. I’ll grab a carton of “abortion”, about two pounds of marriage and no thanks to the “Protection of my Religious Rights and Oats”–I just can’t afford them when there is a knock-off brand that is just as good.

That’s the way that the best laws work–they protect those who want to participate and tell the nosy people to back the hell up.

I will get a little personal with you now. You have to figure out what your place in this world is. What is and is not important to you? You need to figure out what makes you happy, and most importantly, what happiness feels like. At this point, I think we are all capable of understanding that all the wholesome identities of the world need to be protected.

If you want to over analyze the institution of marriage, do it. The conclusions that you come too–especially if they consist of you wanting it done away with–are probably just your own sentiments towards it. Don’t feel as though your liberation means that you are now the Sheppard leading everyone else to their own. Rarely is that ever the case. In fact, if you want a daily dose of this complexity in your life, there are a bunch of lost people just waiting for you to be their cult leader. Warning: This may result in 1) Murder Charges, 2) Lots of baby mommas (if you are a dude) or 3) a Law and Order: SVU episode dedicated to your legacy.

In a nutshell, don’t ruin it for everyone. Don’t exclude anyone from having the option.

This is a democracy, baby, not your diary.

DJ Mophead is a DJ with KSSU, views expressed by this DJ don’t necessarily reflect the views of KSSU.

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