In thinking about inspiration, I find there are only a few people that actually motivate me to do, and be better. For someone to inspire, that means that this person demonstrates a sense of honor/integrity, true strength, humility, courage, self-confidence, as well as other qualities such as a strong work ethic, will, determination, drive, resilience, spirituality, and honesty. I know, specific right? You’re probably thinking that only a superhero can live up to these standards/ideals. And in fact, to me these people are modern superheroes just minus the amazing met human powers and stoic, debonair stance but seem to have the witty catchphrase.

First on my list are my parents. These two together have demonstrated what it means to sacrifice and go above and beyond for people. They to me are role models and have proven time and time again that life will not be easy and it will get you at times, but in the end you’ll stand taller and stronger than ever before. I have even helped them out on several occasions but their love and generosity holds no comparison. I truly thank them, praise them and idolize them for not giving up on me and my siblings and for pushing us to become independent. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Their spirituality and relationship with god is something that I seek to obtain in my own life because it truly has made a difference for them, and all of us as a family. This is something I’ve come to value and appreciate in my own life. Not to mention, it’s another inspiration I consider important personally.

My next inspiration would be of course my lord. A lot of people will debate back and forth as to his existence and his miracles, blah blah blah, but I know him for myself. I consider him an inspiration because he serves as a reminder that though we are human, there is more to life than meets the eye. That things such as money, power, & status though useful don’t hold a candle to truth, peace, and love. He also inspires me because he reminds me that everyone here on earth has a purpose. I remember listening to a sermon one Sunday and the preacher spoke about how Jesus himself was a man, a man who demonstrated to us how to be and how to love. I think if people would kind of look at it as simple as he was not just the son of god but a man here on earth who’s purpose was demonstrate god’s love for us, then you would see that his legacy has been carried on throughout time in different role models/leaders such as Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, etc. I know I myself will never be him or duplicate what he’s done, but he serves as constant truth to me that he does love me even despite my faults and shortcomings, he is there to greet me in the morning, and will watch over me 24/7.

Overall, inspiration is something/someone that motivates you to do and be better in my opinion. It is unique to everyone and should be respected. I personally would like give a special thanks to my friends for inspiring me to be myself and to ultimately not seek validation. In short, the only validation you need comes from a life and job well done.

Alonzo is a DJ for KSSU

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