My Time at Sac State


by Dj. Kevin J

As we rapidly approach the middle mark of the semester, and I inch closer to the graduation line, I find myself almost nostalgic for the campus that has been my home for the past year and half. Coming from LA, a city virtually on the other side of California, was mind-altering to say the least. In a matter of days I had to quickly adjust to a landscape I was completely unfamiliar with.

I had to learn how to co-habitate with strangers I’d never met a day in my life. I had to learn how to budget money and make sure my dollar lasted for a while ( Top Ramen truly is a college student’s best friend. I basically had to learn how live, all over again. However, nothing compared to adjusting to a new college campus.

When I was at my junior college back home, everything felt so natural, which seems like an obvious statement. Yes, the beginnings of my college experience was an adjustment in its own right, but after doing it for three years I had managed to get the hang of it. Now here I was, a newly minted 21-year-old, who now had to navigate new terrain with what felt like very little guidance. Terrified would be an understatement.

And yet, despite the pit of terror the formed once my family drove off, I knew freaking out would be the wrong way to go. So with that in mind, I laced up Vans, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work in order to make sure the seven hour drive I took wasn’t wasted. I was lucky that I was in the company of people who knew Sacramento fairly well, my roommates, and I honestly can say that it was because of them that I was able to survive the initial impact.

Despite my initial fears about coming to Sacramento State, I quickly found myself immersed in the campus. I joined the Hornet newspaper as a freelance writer during my first semester, and continued with them for year and half. Through my time at the Hornet, I was able to make some amazing friends, and picked up some invaluable skills that have come in handy on numerous occasions.

I also became familiar with Mendocino Hall. Mendocino has hosted at least 75 percent of my classes. And while Mendocino may not be my favorite part of Sac State (lol), it certainly has become a landmark forever etched in the corners of my mind.

If I had to, however, pick my favorite location on Sac State’s campus, it would be the Sac State tunnel. Located directly under the train tracks, that tunnel has served as the marker that I either came, or had left campus. Corny as it is, I’ll miss my daily walks under it. There were so many pictures taken under that tunnel. So many instances where I would watch as a train rumbled over it. The Sac State tunnel served as my official welcome during my first day, and in my eyes, will serves as my final goodbye as a student.


Kevin Hendricks is a DJ with KSSU you should like listen to him, and stuff.


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