State of the Tower: Destiny, Six Months Later

“State of the Tower: Destiny, Six Months Later”The_Tower
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

Yes.  This is a post about Destiny, that game made by Bungie.  I should also preface that this is being written by me, an active player who has dumped 659 hours into this game, and counting.  But no, this isn’t some fan boy post about the game.  Just my thoughts on the game.

On September 9th, 2014, Bungie released their big game that followed the Halo series.  The game itself was extremely hyped.  They even had the prototypical fast food sponsorship that all hyped games have.  But, how was the game…really?  It is safe to say that after the initial reviews were done, and people were able to punch in five to ten hours into the game, they found themselves wondering what else is there to do.  Why?  The content was sparse.  Leveling up to 20, the max level in the game now, takes about 6-8 hours for the dedicated player.  After that, you could grind up gear to “light” level 30.  But why?  Players were introduced to the illustrious raids eventually.  Vault of Glass being the first.  It would have a Normal and Hard Mode.  For the average player, the pace from launch of game to Vault of Glass may have been just right.  Bungie released the first DLC, the Dark Below, in December.  Again, it provided more content.  But I’m not here to tell you exactly how the game changed.  There are other articles out there that do a good job for that.

As I sit here now, I have played Destiny for 6 months.  How has the game faired?  Is the hype dead?  Are people done with the game?  Yes and no.  Depends on your definition.  Per reports, there are still about 16 million people playing Destiny as of last month.  But the complaints have been strong.  Destiny lacks a story per how most people are use to digesting it (I say this as Bungie coupled the game with grimoire cards – a system that tells various parts of the story of the Destiny universe).  It also lacks content.  Many have already begun taking a break and/or feel exhausted from the repetitious nature of the game.  But still, people play.  Why?

Bungie released a game that plays exceptionally well.  But some were confused if the game was a shooter, or an MMO.  It is both but it is neither.  Because Destiny is hard to explain, it is easy to tell why so many were attracted to the game, while some left.  But me, as a person who loves grind-y, gear based games (i.e. Diablo, Borderlands, Skyrim, etc.), I can honestly say that there is more that can be done, and should have been a thing by now, but it isn’t.  Games like Destiny can always benefit from Community driven events (like Sparrow racing) to keep things fresh without doing too much else outside of the game.

This problem will eventually be addressed by Bungie with future DLC’s and content releases.  And one can only hope Bungie has learned a lot for Destiny 2.  This isn’t to come off as I hate Destiny.  I love this game.  And that’s why I keep playing it.  But in the conversation of bang for your buck, Destiny does fall short compared to similar games.  But six months later, I still find myself loving this game, being wowed, and laughing like I did back in September.  Sure, I have had to take a weekend off of Destiny every here and there, but I still play 3-5 days every week.

Shout out to Bungie for an excellent game.  For those finding difficulties going on, take a break.  If you are absolutely done and don’t want to come back, then don’t.  But I’m willing to bet that I will see many back for the House of Wolves expansion if they bought the Season Pass.  And for those still playing, good luck to you Guardians.  May the Traveler light your path.


Find Josh, a.k.a. DJ Mappquest, every Thursday night on, 7-9 PM Pacific time, playing a wide variety of EDM.  Also find him on XBox Live (XBone): Gamertag = Bossquest.  


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