Disney’s Cinderella: Classic or Played Out?

Cinderella 470 widthWalt Disney Pictures is known for their breathtaking re-imagining of classic fairy tales and stunning original songs. Many such tales were inspired by the dark stories of the Grimm Brothers. Somehow Disney has managed to take such grim (pun intended) stories and make them fun and child appropriate. Their latest projects of old favorites have been total let downs. If you do not feel the same as I do, then you should probably stop reading. If you are willing to hear me out, well then, you have a great sense of humor and an open mind.

Based on the trailer, this new live-action Cinderella, unlike the very successful Maleficent, does not put a spin on an old favorite. It is a retelling of a classic, which is nice, but let’s face it; it’s been done before. I guess I just expect more from such a ground breaking company known for blowing our minds. Disney has been on a hit or miss trend with movies; making masterpieces like Frozen and Big Hero 6, then crashing with Cars 2 and Into the Woods. Albeit Into the Woods did get nominated for a few awards, because apparently anything with Meryl Streep in it automatically deserves an award. Well, I beg to differ; that movie was annoying with hidden messages that would give children nightmares if they only knew what they meant, and I am not alone. Reviews on the Internet Movie Database say “The extreme efforts and [the] great acting of individuals could not make up for the horrible script, pedophilia and rape undertones, and horrible moral guidance” and described it as “a very poor film for children, annoying and maddening for adults.”

Furthermore, the only reason I am considering watching Cinderella is the fact that there will be a Frozen short featured before the film. But does anyone want to pay $11 for a five minute clip and a remake of a boring tale? I don’t think so. Hopefully their new movie Inside Out will be more original. I have high hopes for this one to remind me of why I used to love Disney. Check out the trailer here so you can be excited too and see what original storytelling can do. However, in this “new” tale of Cinderella there is nothing that makes me wonder or curious. I have no “Ooh” or “Aah” moment, especially with the most important props. The dress is relatively ordinary in comparison with the others seen at the ball, so I highly doubt it helped get the prince’s attention. The glass slippers are pretty, but are they enough to hold our attention as we re-watch this tired tale? I guess all there is to do is hope the acting and magical effects can carry this movie to success. If not, I’m afraid Disney is continuing their sink or swim production ideas.

Bottom-line, Disney needs to step up their game if they are to compete with Dreamworks, who by the way is producing fan favorites like Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragon—also blockbusters. Their newest film, The Book of Life was a hit as well. I only say this because you are better than cheap remakes Disney. What do you think about the movie? Was I too harsh? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out the trailer for Cinderella.

When Sierra isn’t watching Disney movies she’s a DJ for KSSU Sacramento States only student run radio station. 

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