suitupCollege has been an eye-opening experience for me. Since transferring to Sacramento State back in Fall 2011, I was eager and anxious to see what my college experience was going to reveal to me. One of the biggest things lessons I am taking away from my college experience (as it comes to a close) is that who I am is independent of my surroundings. How I engage with people and manipulate my environment using my knowledge is dependent on that which already exists within me. The ironic thing about it was that while other people are finding what makes them special and unique, I had to accept all that was wrong with me; crazy right? For so long I clung to what is good (and still am) but it took me being lost to understand that I am not perfect. I don’t know it all and that in order for my light to shine bright (like a diamond) I need that darkness that I fought so hard to keep at bay. I can honestly say I feel as though I’m moving towards the direction in life that I’ve dreamt about. It isn’t easy living day by day, but there’s a certain serenity that comes with not getting ahead of yourself. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t plan/do things in advance, but to remain open to life’s spontaneity is a good way to remain peaceful.

I am not only learning skills and techniques required for my imminent career, but I am also learning about interaction, honesty, and how to truly trust my values and myself for that matter. It’s assisting me in applying these things and more importantly, helping me get over the fear of the unknown. Most importantly, I have to embrace it as a part of life and to take the opportunity to see as a means to build my faith in Christ, to improve on the areas of myself that I know need improvement. In addition, to become a conscious, critical thinker who is going to be effective and make real change in the world.

I am glad of the progress I have made and am currently undertaking. I’m happy to note that this semester (despite it being my last), is going to be the most meaningful and memorable one for me. Aside from me walking the stage in May, I’m elated to have open and honest conversation in my classes and having discussions about social and personal issues. My teachers this semester really are about engagement and want us to understand what it is we are learning and are challenging us to critically think about topics and to assess the validity of their argument/POV/claim. Not to mention, they really do care about us the students and are open to talk both during and after class. As I journey and take that next step towards my career goals/dreams, I will never forget about my time at Sacramento State. This is really the beginning for me; it was here I learned about myself and what I am capable of. I can’t wait to walk across the stage and receive my diploma, it is then I can exhale and say “I was made at Sac State!”


Alonzo is a dj with KSSU

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