AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: Ultron is coming!!!


I am so excited for the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie coming out in May! I am a big fan of marvel and the marvel universe (#teammarvel) and superheroes have always appealed to me and of course the super-powers (like who doesn’t wish they can control an infinity gem or be able to morph in a jolly green giant and smash stuff). I’m such a geek/nerd when it comes to seeing comic books, video games or just anything fantasy on the big screen because I’m anxious to see the visuals and interactions of certain things. I like seeing struggles play out and love it when the director fills the holes in certain stories and connects things intricately. I do however; have some comments and a few words about the film. For one, I’m eager to see Wanda & Pietro and how that may possibly connect to X-Men or even the decimation/house of M storyline if they decide to do that. I am also eager to see Vision and his possible relationship with Wanda (The Scarlet Witch) and his creation by Ultron. One thing I don’t like that marvel is having iron man be the creator of Ultron and then later doing a movie with Ant-Man/Hank Pymm the original creator of Ultron; hopefully they do some alternate timeline explanation or something. Lastly, there are rumors going on about the lead-up to the Civil War story arc and I’m wondering though how they are going to introduce all these superheroes into that upcoming film. But I can’t wait to see heroes like Ant-Man, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, etc. come into the franchise.

I think though its fantasy and we all wish we had superpowers; I see so much correlation between the Marvel comics and today’s modern society. Ultron had a line during one of the previews and it says (I’m, assuming talking to one of the avengers), “You want to protect the world but don’t want it to change.” I think that says a lot because this is something I’ve noticed about superheroes or just the fictional marvel/dc universe in general, is that a lot of these superheroes are doing the right thing in protecting people and saving lives and achieving in doing the impossible but I don’t think they have enough faith in society. Despite having superpowers and quite possibly looking different, these heroes are still human (except of Thor, he’s a god). I really think Ultron being an enemy in this film is going to hopefully show us as viewers and hopefully those characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that you need to have limits. Humans are capable of any and everything we put our minds to but the moment we do something out of fear (like building a robot with AI) things will go south really fast.

Overall this is shaping up to be a pretty great film. I have almost all of the marvel movies and can’t wait to see the final build-up to the Infinity Gauntlet/War story. In seeing thanos at the end of the first Avengers had me excited because I knew immediately where they were going with it and like the story unfolding with the infinity gems, the slow build with introducing superheroes and finally seeing it all come together. I know it’s going to be number one and will definitely be seeing it opening weekend!

Alonzo is a dj with KSSU catch his show on Tune In just look for sparky the friendly robotic overlord


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