5 Things You Didn’t Know Happen After You Get Engaged


1. When is the date? Gear up for the interrogations! The number one question you will be constantly asked about by everyone from grandma (acceptable) to your favorite sandwich shop worker (less acceptable) is, “when is the date?” The day after I got engaged everyone was asking me this like I was supposed to get married in one week. I do not get proposed to and by the next day have every detail of my wedding planned……or anything for that matter; I knew the person I would be marrying and that was enough for me, however, grandma and mister deli sandwich man were not as impressed with this answer.

2. When are you going to have children? Ugh…….I just got a rock on my finger and now I have to pop out babies….great! One of the things that came as a shock, but in hindsight really shouldn’t have, was people asking about if we will have children, when we will have children, telling me “oh, you two will make such beautiful babies together!”, etc. I’m 22, I have a lot of time to get married, start a kickass career, get far enough into that career to ensure security, possibly buy a house, and keep at least a goldfish or two alive, BEFORE I try to keep a human being alive IF I choose to take on that investment. Just saying.

3. How did he/she propose? This story is fun to tell…..the first 100 times and then it gets old! I know it’s a magical, special, out-of-this-world moment and I definitely loved mine and couldn’t have thought of anything better myself (he did a really good job), HOWEVER the story becomes a chore after a while. There seriously came a point where I wanted to start making up crazy and wacky stories that could never happen just to see the reactions people would have. Imagine: I was having coffee when a man in a trench coat gave me a letter that said “go to the bus station”. Once at the bus station, I saw a box that had an airplane ticket. The plane ticket took me to an island where I found Leonardo DiCaprio singing Kumbaya as my boyfriend walked out of the trees looking like Jimmy Buffett holding a Tiki torch and a ring. Isn’t that insane! Yeah, this didn’t really happen but would totally be a made up story to tell mister deli sandwich man.

4. Your friends’ opinions. If you didn’t already know, you will find out which of your friends are for or against marriage in general, and they feel their opinion needs to be known to you. There will be several people you hear the line, “That’s great….marriage isn’t really for me but I’m definitely happy for yooooou” from. I’m all for “to each his/her own”, but really?!?!?!?! You are ruining my moment with your negativity; you are crippling my beautiful story, you are bringing my joy to blah-ness, you are stealing my thunder, you are sinking my boat. STAHP!

5. You start worrying about the other person’s debt and spending habits……..You know that saying “what’s mine is yours”? Yeah, well, that includes debt too! Unless you get a prenuptial agreement, their loans are now your loans. Lovely. Let’s hope their school loans were worthwhile and they didn’t study something pointless like COMS. Also, do you remember the line in all the chick flicks and wedding ceremonies “…in sickness and in health, until death do us part, blah, blah, blah”? Yeah, that includes any shopaholic sickness they may have. Once you get engaged you start thinking about paying bills together in the future, which in turn makes you think about how/if they save their money, if they spend too much, etc. The once thoughtful and beautiful bouquet of roses is now thought of as making you eat ramen for a couple days instead of real food.


Despite all of these things, I love being engaged and they really aren’t all that bad. Take this as the aimless rambling of someone who just wanted to contribute to the blog for KSSU. Speaking of KSSU, my show Roll Outta Bed With Brittany is Tuesdays at 11 am and my fiancé and I do a tag team show at the end of the 11 o’clock hour and the beginning of the 12 o’clock hour right after my show. Tune in!


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