A Hero Among Us


by Dj Kevin J

My childhood was one that definitely broke from the routine. Typically, or should I say traditionally, the family unit consisted of a mom, a dad, and however many siblings, residing under one roof. Maybe throw in a grandparent or an aunt, but when we think about the family unit, that’s usually the image we conjure.

My unit was nothing like that.

Yes I have my mom and dad. And I have two amazing sisters, but as a child of divorce, well, that fact alone through tradition out the window. My reality growing up was waking up to the voice of my grandmother as she prepped my sister Kassandra and I for school (my oldest sister Kamylah stayed with mom’s side of the family). Once that was done, Kassandra and I were shuttled off to school by either grandma or grandpa, who made sure we got there on time (usually lol). Yes, for a majority of my childhood, this was my real. It really wasn’t until I was older that I figured out that this wasn’t necessarily how the other half lived, but I didn’t too much care because my life was pretty good.

As I did age, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit envious in seeing some of my other friends who appeared so happy. THEY had two parents who they actually lived with. And for those whose parents were divorced at least they got to live with ONE of them. However, my particular situation was not one that I didn’t at very least understand. In short, it was in everyone’s best interest that my grandmother on my father’s side kept Kassandra and I. Really, it was my grandparents who stepped in and everyone else simply followed, but same difference. The point is my father’s parents stepped into the role of that is traditionally filled by the two people who actually created the child.

Huey and Doris Hendricks were the faces that since day one, took care me. They were the ones who took me to and from school. They were the ones who made sure I got to every dentist appointment on time. Checking to make sure homework was done: Huey and Doris. Shopping at Target for clothes: Huey and Doris. Ensuring that a roof stayed over my head, take a guess. My grandparents put in every bit of energy and work to make sure Kassandra and I were at the very least, provided with the necessities for living.

Now this is not to say I had absentee parents. They definitely played a important role in my life. However…well it is what it is.

Now why am I writing this you might ask. Well the question seems to always arise as to what our motivating factors for being in college is. And while many of us can spout off the usual, very valid, reasons behind doing so, often there is a secondary level to what pushes us. Huey and Doris are mine.

Kevin is a DJ with KSSU, Sacramento States only student run radio station.


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