NorCal Regionals (NCR)


Just this past weekend, I had the privilege of attending NCR being hosted here in Sacramento. NCR is one of the premier stops of the Capcom Pro Tour (only for Ultra Street Fighter 4). Along with Ultimate Street Fighter 4, there were other tournaments going on for the following games: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Super Smash Bros 4 (along with Melee). I was only familiar with Super Smash Bros, but after attending this event, I found myself wanting to pick up a copy of Ultra Street Fighter 4. It was heavily based on Street Fighter so I focused mainly on that for the time I spent at the tournament. The winner of this event was rewarded $8,000 and a guaranteed spot on the Capcom Cup.

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April 4th, 2015

On Saturday, I was able to attend thanks to my friend who clued me in to it. He was able to get me a spectator pass and I figured it’d be interesting to attend. When I got to the Holiday Inn, the room was packed with all kinds of TV monitors with players occupied with various fighting games on different consoles. It was amazing to see how big the fighting game community was and how dedicated everyone was to the various games being played. Twitch was streaming everything that was going on with the SSB (Super Smash Bros.) and Street Fighter tournament. I was only able to stay around for an hour or so, but the tournament still had one more day left for finals.


April 5th, 2015

IMG_2213Sunday was the big day for the event, finals. The game that was the center of attention was Ultra Street Fighter 4. As presented in the images above, we were watching the live stream while the players played on a smaller screen. I mentioned earlier that Twitch was streaming the whole event online and had commentators on the side as well. Watching the players battle it out was intense and exhilarating. The different combos they unleashed on each other kept the crowd pumped. There were even people, with thunder sticks rooting for their favorite players. I had my friend explain the status of some of the contestants and from there, I was able to narrow down who to root for. Some of the games did drag out but there were games that were over in an instant. One player that amused me was Poongko. I was confused on why people were chanting, “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT”. But according to my friend, whenever Poongko is angry, he takes his shirt off in a serious situation… So what does Poongko do? He takes off his shirt of course. He didn’t make it too far in the tournament but nonetheless, he was a treat to watch. Another player that stood out to me went by the name of “BonChan“. He had the most exciting battles because his comebacks were great. There were multiple times where his health gauge was about to run out but he managed to push on and KO the opponent with little health. Along with BonChan, Daigo Umehara also stood out to me as well. His matches were fast and amazing to watch. I noticed he cornered his opponents a lot and unleashed relentless combos to triumph over them. Daigo Umehara has been involved in the Street Fighter scene since 1994 and even has his own manga after him.

By the end of the night, Daigo Umehara took the title of being the NCR champion along with winning himself $8,000 and a spot in the Capcom Cup. Following him with 2nd place was Gamerbee from Taiwan and 3rd place with Nuckledu from America. Overall I’m glad I was able to attend would totally go again. I find myself being more of a Tekken and SSB fan but I now have a sparked interest in Street Fighter. Also I got myself a free Street Fighter V poster which was awesome because who doesn’t love free stuff?


Being exposed to the fighting game community really gave me motivation to actually be more involved in gaming. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to pick up a copy of Street Fighter and get somewhat decent at it? Also, shout out to my friend Jerel for bringing me along to this event and inspiring me to try out Street Fighter!

-DJ K.K. Slider

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