Album Review: “The Mindsweep” (Enter Shikari)


Enter Shikari is a four man band from England with music that dabbles in multiple genres including, hardcore, alternative rock, and even electronica. Known mostly for songs such as “Arguing With Thermometers” and “Sssnakepit”, Enter Shikari focuses their music on problems within the environment, the government, and social norms that should be exposed as evils to the planet and even humanity. With three albums and four EP’s, Enter Shikari has got quite a lot of experience in what they do. Signed on with Hopeless Records and winners of several awards including “Best Band in the U.K.” and “Best Album”, Enter Shikari did not hold back at all when writing their newest album, “The Mindsweep”.

Enter Shikari really experimented around with this album. One song sounds really fast and punk-ish, while another is slowed down and sounds like a theatre musical accompanied by electric guitars. Regardless on how far left or right they go with their music, it stays consistently good; not just in a technical sense, but also an emotional and philosophical way. My two favorites off this album would have to be “The Appeal & The Mindsweep I” and “The Aenesthatist”which are two of the first three songs on the album, but are the best in my opinion.

“The Appeal & The Mindsweep” kicks off the album just right. It talks about treating humans as humans, not a means to an end such as pleasure and profit. It calls to the listener to rise up above everyday occurrences, to get rid of hate, and to figuratively re-wire your mind hence the line repeated in the song”I am a Mindsweeper. Focus on me.” With a slow beginning of some electro and a spoken word dialogue that gets people’s’ minds thinking that then escalates into a faster beat with faster techno, this song is perfect to start the album with. It later goes into some hardcore beats with harmonized vocals that everyone can sing too. One thing that went right through my head when listening to this song was, “I have to see them play this live before I die.”

“The Anaesthetist” is the first music video from the album. In the video, it shows a man who is ill and coughing up blood, presumably walking to a hospital. At the hospital, there is a waiting room full of sick and angry people. I am kind of biased, because  il ike heavier music. This song includes along of hardcore beats, yelling, but also some rap-rock parts that emphasize the meaning behind the song. “The Anaesthetist” talks about how people in England are denied healthcare due to lack of means or those who do have money are just used for profit and are prescribed medications without an actual doctors treatment lest that doctor be the Anaesthetist to put you to rest. With powerful instrumentals and a powerful message, this song is, well, powerful.

The rest of the album is great as well, but for Americans, Enter Shikari may be an acquired taste. Enter Shikari is one fo the biggest bands in the U.K., but are not quite popular in the United States. However, that all may change with this new album.

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