Keeping Each Other on Our Toes Day…but has everyone gone soft?


April Fool’s day. You better wear green or expect at least one person to take it too far and pinch you until you sense a definite welt in your future. I do not think the day is just for jokers or “bang-their-heads-into-refrigerators” type dudes. Even if the day really is just for the eccentric, I’m saying there is a method to their madness. However, the day has undoubtedly died down from “we are revoking your admission to our university” phone calls and making one guy think the rest of you six are going to jump him. What happened?

This year, nothing happened to me. Nobody wanted to scare my panties off with a life-changing phone call or a near-death experience. Not even one pinch. I know FOR SURE that there used to be years when I did see it as a holiday–an obligation to celebrate it. Years when I spent a little extra time scheming that day, not caring too much about who was going to destroy the whole joke by being too sensitive. It’s not their day…

Do we see less of a need to hurt each other in real life? To scare each other a little bit? To keep each other on our toes? With all the Instagram battles, Tweet feuds and passive-aggressive Facebook posts, most people channel the need to check someone through a screen. And most of the time, the expression of anger is hidden in a mysterious post or in the form of a “I never cared” selfie. Or even worse, way meaner than they could ever be face-to-face.

I like to yell at people. Not arbitrarily (all the time), but when I feel so compelled to. This past Easter, instead of watching little, snotty kids fight over eggs and stuff their faces with Reese’s and half-melted Peeps, I sloppily ate questionably moldy sausages with friends and rode Big Wheels down Lombard Street at an event called BYOBW. Once we had finished our last run down the hill, we parked it to hang out for a bit and compare injuries. With our backs turned, someone had decided to snatch up our Big Wheels for a little joy ride. Eyes peeled, my boyfriend spotted the thieves and what followed was a barrage of insults from three people dressed up in cheap, Halloween store quality costumes. I do not think any of us thought we were contributing to the karmic balance. In fact, I was definitely in it for the thrill of whopping it up. It felt good to freak out a little bit. To show someone that they can not just act out of pocket at a whim, even though in many ways we were doing just the same. The elation I had after telling them off could have never been born out of 140 characters.

The Great Burglary of BYOBW 2015 is going to happen again. It is going to happen to another group of “brunched up” individuals just trying to have a good time. We can not stop the friendly pranks. We need April Fool’s Day. In fact, we need it much more often. We have to armor each other against the world’s jerks. We need to give each other sufficient practice at gauging our reflexes and the quickness of our insults. So why did nobody fool me on April 1st? I need practice against Big Wheel thieves. They almost had me.

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