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Today, Korean pop (Kpop) is a significant genre in the music industry. Some of it has even made its way here to the U.S. such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and 2ne1’s “I Am The Best”. Kpop is a global sensation, especially here in America. Today I’m here to talk about some of my personal favorite groups in the industry as well as other things Kpop related!

Let’s start with Girl’s Day!


Girl’s Day is my favorite girl group in the Kpop industry. Their songs are really catchy, happy, and upbeat. Some of their biggest hits are Expectation, Female President, Twinkle Twinkle, Darling, and many more. Out of all their hits, Don’t Forget Me is my all time favorite. The members consist of Park Sojin, Bang Minah, Kim Yura, and Lee Hyeri. Originally they had five members but the other member, Jihae, dropped out. Girl’s Day’s popularity has been on the rise internationally. Just last year, they made their first U.S. debut at the free Korean Wave concert in Los Angeles (unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend at the time). One of the members, Minah, made her solo debut this year. It’s been a success so far and I am proud of her accomplishments as an artist! Out of the 4 girls, Sojin remains to be my favorite! She is the leader of the group and I respect her talents and looks (especially for a 30 year old in the industry). As for their upcoming schedules, Girl’s Day plans on making a comeback this year.

Now let’s move on to my favorite boy group, Infinite.


I am a huge fan of this group not only because of their looks but because of their talent. This seven member group is one of the top boy groups of Kpop today. The members are: Kim Myungsoo (or L), Woo-Hyun, Kim Sung-Kyu, Lee Sung-yeol, Hoya, Sung-Jong, and Dong-Woo. Some of Infinite’s hits are The Chaser, Back, Last Romeo, Destiny, and many more. Out of their hit songs, The Chaser remains my favorite. Their success has been growing to where they have formed sub groups on the side (Infinite H and Infinite F). Along with Girl’s Day, Infinite also performed for the first time in America at the Korean Wave Concert in 2014. Infinite plans on making a comeback this year as well and I look forward to what they have to bring! L is my favorite member out of the group and I hope to someday see all of their beautiful faces live in concert.

I’ve been in the Kpop fandom since I was in elementary school. It’s always been a goal of mine to attend at least one Kpop concert. Just recently I got tickets to see one of my favorite groups, Epik High, live in SF on May 28th! I’m extremely stoked since I’ve been a fan since 5th grade.

Later this year, I plan on attending Kcon this year in Los Angeles. For those of you who don’t know, Kcon is a huge Kpop convention with concerts from big Kpop groups. It is one of the biggest Kpop events in America and is growing every year in numbers. Although the line up and dates have yet to be announced, I hope I will get my hands on VIP tickets so I can meet the Kpop stars there. Kpop has been apart of my life for a while now and I hope it will continue to grow more around the world!

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