The Big Three Albums Coming Soon


The weather is getting more and more intense everyday just like the new music currently being produced by August Burns Red, Veil Of Maya, and Like Moths to Flames. All three bands have announced that they are going to release a new album between May and June. Also, all three have released on YouTube, under their labels’ channels, a song from their new albums. Are these guys in cahoots, or are us metal fans just blessed? Probably both, but in the end I got to buy three albums in the very near future.

First off, we have Like Moths to Flames who released a debut single on April 6th titled, “Bury Your Pain” from their upcoming project “The Dream Is Dead” which has an unspecified release date. “Bury Your Pain” has everything you would expect from LMTF; clean vocals, heavy breakdowns, assertive lyrics towards a targeted audience, and the over feeling of wanting to sing along and jump with the band. I mean, the song is still good, but it sounds like all their other stuff.. The good side to this is that you can always rely on LMTF to put out good stuff. The bad side is that it could potentially get played out or get old real quick. We will just have to wait and see what happens when “The Dream Is Dead” is released.

Up next we have August Burns Red, who published the song “The Wake” on April 13th from their upcoming album “Found In Far Away Places” which will be released on June 30th. As you may or may not know, ABR’s last album “Rescue & Restore” was pretty light-hearted and had some Christian Worship influences in it. “The Wake” is heavy, dark, and similar to the way that ABR sounded before their last album. With references to disasters inside of the bible and impending things to come, “The Wake” is like a rhino; strong and flattening out the competition. I am so ready for this next album to come out already that I have listening to “The Wake” everywhere I go with my shoulders and chest puffed up. It makes me look a constipated bear, which is pretty brutal.

Last but most certainly not least, Veil of Maya has released three songs: “Phoenix” (January 1st), “Mikasa” (March 23rd), and “Teleute” (April 13th) all from the upcoming album “Matriarch” which will release on May 12th. VoM is famous for their technical skills along with deep, guttural vocals. The band currently released a Breaking Bad parody video called, “Breaking Bands” which explains that the vocalist is starting to do cleans and multiple ranges of vocals while the guitarist is switching up his style. So far, all their songs released are amazing. The vocals are on point while the guitar playing and drumming reminds me of a mixture between old VoM and Born Of Osiris. Veil of Maya took a risk, and I 100% believe that it paid off.

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Below are the links to some of the new songs mentioned in this blog.

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