Guess the Top Card of the Deck

AndrewsmallThere’s a remarkable new game, and all the cool kids are playing it. Not only is each game an exciting extravaganza that will have you holding your seat in sweated anticipation; it also exists as a beacon of hope. Although we have long since moved away from the primitive devices that once were the center of our universe; there is still hope for the future, that we haven’t completely cast away what we once were. We are a culture of those who have become fascinated with technology for better or worse(i get the irony that this is a blog) as we slowly move into the world of simulated experience and finite automate let us not forget who we truly are. Society is made up of people, much like an ant colony we require a certain social aspect in order to function, and that’s what we have slowly begun to move away from. Of course technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it never hurts to take a break and play a small card game with a group of friends.

Guess The Top Card of The Deck is the brain child of Andrew Garcia, a music director for the local radio station KSSU. Since it’s an inception it has been well received by a number of students at Sacramento State University. The game has spurred several Champion matches the current title holder of which is Mia Kagianas(aka Mighty Mia) a local DJ, who has recently reclaimed her title after an upset by Cole Nelson(aka Coletrain).

Guess the Top Card Of the Deck is a game whose elegance can only be matched by it’s simplicity. The rules are simple; one takes a standard deck of cards, and begins to surmise at the possibilities of the top card of the deck. That’s it; you guess the top card of the deck. There are no set number of players or responsibilities, people can join and leave the game as it progresses. If someone guesses correctly, they win.


My name is Chris Diel and i’m a DJ with KSSU Sacramento State’s only student run radio station.



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