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So as I browsing KSSU’s blog I noticed a trend, there is a bunch of fashion talk going on right now! Now this may be because Summer is around so naturally we all want to look good while going out and doing fun activities. Well one very small thing that can make or break what you’re wearing is a watch. I went from not wearing watches at all to owning 8 different ones, and like I mentioned, they can make or break what you’re wearing.

What’s In Leather: Ok so right now what is “in” is the leather band watches. Every watch brand basically carries these, you can pick from many different types of faces(color of the inside of the watch where the arms are that tell time) and different shades of leather for the bands. What is cool is that the leather bands are replaceable and leather bands usually run you around 15$ so upkeep with leather band watches is pretty cheap. Personally I have a dark faced leather watch, meaning that the actual watch is black and has dark trims and I have a dark leather band to accompany it. This can help you perfect the casual dress style, I wear it a button up and my leather chukka boots and it helps keep your look somewhat casual but still extremely presentable. I also own a light faced leather watch, which is metallic silver with a white face and light leather band color, this can also help with a casual dress style but isn’t as presentable or “fancy” I tend to wear this watch with normal t shirts because it looks like a everyday watch but still is really nice.

Metal Band or Dress Style: So these are timeless, I like to call these the old man’s watch or “fancy special event watch”. They have a metal band and are usually more geared towards formal wear. I own a all black metal band watch to help it look more modern but also put out a sleek look. I wear this with my suits or special events where my shirt is tucked in and usually a tie involved. Wearing one of these as a everyday watch is almost tacky at times so make sure to keep this type of watch on hold until you are going to special events. You can also get a light faced metal band watch which are still as “fancy” but tend to not look as modern. With these types of watches it really just depends on your personality and your taste. You can’t ever go wrong unless you break one of the only unwritten rules of watches which will come later in this blog.

Everyday watch/Sporty: So I know I have referred to “everyday watch” quite a bit. Well an everyday watch is more of a sporty watch or a watch that isn’t really meant to “wow” anyone. This is a watch that you can put on to go to the gym, a hike, play sports, or just go about your day and have the convenience of being able to look at the time constantly. Make sure to buy a reliable everyday watch because these usually go through a beating and a rough time.

The One & Only Rule of Watches: So I can go on and make a bunch of innuendos, but I decided to let you all come up with those. JK, Size Does Matter! But not how you think, don’t get a watch that is too small because at the end of the day the watch needs to fulfill its only duty which is to let you know what time it is. If the face is too small you won’t be able to tell what time it is and you’ll end up just looking at your phone and people might judge you. If you get a watch big enough that it could rival the clock on Flava Flave’s neck then don’t buy it. Even if you are in need of prescription glasses you’ll look foolish with a big watch, so make sure to always go for a medium sized watch.

Last Tip: Make sure to know how to tell time! My aunt doesn’t know how to tell time so when people ask her what the time is, she looks at her phone instead of her 700$ watch.

Price: You can get a good watch as low at 79$ dollars, I own Nixon, Fossil, and G-shock. Each have their pros and cons but remember that at the end of the day it needs to tell time so we don’t need 700$ designer brand watches.

I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to tune in on Monday’s at noon to check out my LA Local ALT/Indie show on KSSU

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