Taco Bells New Diablo Sauce

DiabloI’m sitting here after having tried Taco Bell’s new Diablo Sauce that they came out with for Cinco de Mayo. As a man who enjoys his food with jalapenos and a side of habanero sauce I was happy to see that Taco Bell were coming out with a new hot sauce. It’s been a good couple of months for frequenters of fast food restaurants who also like spicy food. Currently Wendy’s is serving up some Ghost Pepper Fries while Carls Jr. has a limited run of their El Diablo Burger.

Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce was advertised as being their spiciest sauce yet and was set to come out on Cinco De Mayo(the fifth of May). It’s taken me awhile to actually go and try their new diablo sauce, but I finally found my way there.  I got a bean burrito, which I drowned in a couple of packets of the Diablo sauce.

When I bit into my Diablo sauce covered burrito with joy in my heart it was the sickly sweet taste that I walked away with, I tried a few packets in order to make sure it wasn’t just the one, and I got the same thing from all of them. Now in my experience a lot of hot sauces go this route, where they start to sacrifice the taste of something and just focus on how hot the sauce ends up. Which in this case didn’t do anything for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a weak hot sauce. Apparently it is made from some sort of chili pepper so if you find red pepper flakes to be a walk on the wild side you may find your home with this sauce.

I was hoping Taco Bell would have that spice I crave in their new Diablo Sauce, but maybe I just need to wait until they expand their Siracha menu from the Quesarito.

My name is Chris Diel and I approve this message; mainly because I wrote it. Listen to me DJ here: KSSU


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